Swell is big today, thundering out the back. Bondi 7am

Abrupt Chills

And just like that, the switch has been flicked; we’ve got chilly mornings with large southerly winter swells. Bring out the jumpers from storage. Bondi was relatively empty compared to a few weeks ago. Two surfers were out, but there were not many people on the sand. The waves are 6 feet solid, maybe bigger, […]

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Luke Adam, blasting

South Chump Change

As I write this, a south change is moving from stage right. It’s bringing wind and waves – lots of wind. Tonight expect SSW 30 knots plus. The wave energy will ramp, and tomorrow, you’ll see conditions similar to last Saturday’s 8-footers. It will be very messy with all that wind, but interesting nonetheless. Have […]

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My teenager, throwing out the morning heat. Yeah Jetty!


It’s been quite dramatic around here lately. The storm (like a Typhoon) that ripped Sydney on Friday night passed quickly, leaving a string of days with glorious weather and waves. Saturday was solid, 10ft, yesterday 4-6, today 2-3….as the swell energy downshifts through its gears. It’s surfable now, and the morning was sunny and warm…before […]

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Bronte, the hub!


We’re all freaking out cause it’s gonna rain for a few days – some say 100mm tomorrow (so stoked as there’s no roof on most of my house currently under reno). Those dreamy after-work scorchers spent dunking in the ocean are over – for now. The beach and waves looked dire this morning—onshore, dark grey, […]

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Wanna surf? Lots of waiting around like this


It’s rare for Bondi to be this flat. There’s always something. This morning the ocean was motionless, still, level…like a lake. It is good for a swim, but not so good for a surf. Tomorrow, there will be more wave energy, but the weekend will host the biggest waves of the week. Friday will be […]

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Tuesday sunrise, warm water, pinks. Bondi 6:55am


The Easter break is over, and the Bondi sunrise colours resume. It’s a beautiful warm morning in Sydney as we head to a top of 29 degrees. There is a high chance of rain today, with tiny surf. It will be tiny all week until a big kahuna swell arrives over the weekend. Bells are […]

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