• Standard Format Upstream Aquabumps 1q9528b


    Bronte Beach, NSW
  • Stepped In Stone

    Wylie's Baths, Coogee
  • Blue Laps Aquabumps 01q9866

    Blue Laps

    Bronte, NSW
  • Icebergs Wide Aquabumps s1a7256

    Icebergs Wide

    Icebergs, Bondi
  • Swimming Upstream Aquabumps 01q9528

    Swimming Upstream

    Bronte, NSW
  • Coogee baths, sunrise this morning

    Coogee Baths

    Coogee, NSW
  • Coogee Bath golds lighting up

    Ross Jones Memorial Pool

    Coogee Beach
  • Bronte Board Metting Aquabumps s1a7716

    Bronte Board Meeting

  • Duke Lagoon

    Waikiki, Hawaii
  • Last Light Dippers r9a7371

    Last light dippers

    Mahon Pool
  • Bronte Pool – Morning Rituals Aquabumps img_1111

    Bronte Pool Morning Rituals

    Bronte, NSW
  • 'Bergs line work

    Bergs Line Work

    Bondi Beach, NSW
  • Glass Half Full

    Icebergs, Bondi
  • Rinse Aquabumps


    Bondi Beach
  • The tide is out, chuck a huge print in there


    Icebergs, Bondi
  • Rock Hopper

    Bronte Pool
  • South Curly Ocean Pool

    South Curl Curl Rock Pool

    Curl Curl
  • Icebergs Winter Swimmer Aquabumps img_9477

    Winter Swimmer

    Icebergs, Bondi
  • Bronte Pool, as quiet as ever this morning

    Winter Laps

    Bronte Beach
  • Bronte, looking the goods this morning. So empty

    Winter Chills

    Bronte Beach
  • Xmas Day at Icebergs, Empty

    Xmas Day Empty

    Icebergs, Bondi
  • Cold rails Aquabumps s1a0111

    Cold Rails

    Bronte, NSW
  • Pool Shifter Coogee Aquabumps 91g5678

    Pool Shifter

    Coogee Beach
  • Wombarra Beach Rock Pool glistening in the morning light

    Wombarra Rock Pool

    Wombarra Beach, NSW