• Mahon Steps

    Maroubra, NSW
  • Surface blow, Da Bergs

    Surface Blow

    Bondi Beach, NSW
  • Stepped In Stone

    Wylie's Baths, Coogee
  • Swimming Upstream Aquabumps 01q9528

    Swimming Upstream

    Bronte, NSW
  • Bronte Pool – Morning Rituals Aquabumps img_1111

    Bronte Pool Morning Rituals

    Bronte, NSW
  • 'Bender' Limited Edition Acrylic Face Mount


    The Pool
  • Cross


    The Pool
  • Drifter Aquabumps Ballet


    The Pool
  • Fallen

    The Pool
  • Hold

    The Pool
  • 'Leap' Our shoot with the Australian Ballet in April 2018


    The Pool
  • 'Liberty' from our Underwater Dance series. Come see it this weekend y'all!


    The Pool
  • Peak Ballet Aquabumps


    The Pool
  • "Turbulence" with the Australian Ballet


    The Pool
  • Red Dress

    Red Dress

    The Pool
  • Split V Aquabumps Ballet

    Split V

    The Pool
  • 'The Push' Limited Edition Acrylic Face Mount

    The Push

    The Pool
  • Thursday, the cleanest pool day of the week

    Angular Bergs

    Bondi Beach, NSW
  • Corner Wash

    Corner Wash

    Bondi Beach
  • Reflections Aquabumps img_4659


    Hadahaa, Maldives
  • Wylies Baths Aquabumps 5o0a8906

    Wylies Baths

    Coogee, NSW
  • Pool Bronte Aquabumps cf003716

    Pool Bronte

    Bronte Beach, NSW
  • Queenscliff Pool Aquabumps s1a4974

    Queenscliff Pool

    Manly, NSW
  • Bronte Pool Lanes Aquabumps cf003721

    Bronte Pool Lanes

    Bronte, NSW