Bronte Board Meeting at sunrise today

6’s to 9’s

I’m loving today. Those dull, grey, rainy mornings (6’s) are now exquisite sunny, calm, clean sessions (9’s). The whole week looks decent. The central bank at Bondi had a wave this morning, but it’s fat, so you’ll need a high litreage in your surf vehicles. A big bunch of frothers feasting happily on the 2-foot […]

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Frames, Bronte


Overnight the swell has spiked into some really chunky chunks. Most beaches are overloaded and a tad out of control – or just plain old closing out. Thankfully the sun was out and the skies were clear. The claws of winter are here and it’s frosty – even if you’re rugged up in the best […]

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Star dust, Bronte Reef


Grab the puffer before heading outside – it’s cold. Polar winds are chilling Sydney. We have a new swell in town, which seems to be growing – shame the banks at Bondi are straight and useless to us. Maybe a punchy swell will bite holes in the sand, creating better banks? Perhaps? We live in […]

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Hello good looking! Empty hollows of Bondi


Pretty quiet Sydney autumn morning – not a Demogorgon or rift in sight. So I guess you’ll have to settle with this dimension. The waves have come up and breaking around 4 foot (but incredibly straight). Bondi was frustrating with little opportunity – for what should be a cranking morning. Very chilly morning with stiff […]

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Big boys rolling into the bay at sunset. Bondi

Monster Chunx

Photos of the beach today aren’t gonna do it – it’s an ugly day. The winds are up, the rain interminable and flooding has returned. My shoes have been soggy wet for days. (Life tip get a shoe drying rack for your dryer) For entertainment purposes, I’m showcasing images shot on “Super Saturday” – the […]

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Wylie's Baths, Coogee from above

Default settings

And just like that, the weather defaults back to a dark rainy morning in Sydney. Surely those clouds are depleted! At 7:30 am it was so dark you’d be convinced it was still nighttime. There’s a little grovelly wave on offer, south end. Looked a little junkie for my liking. The water remains a warm […]

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Bronte lines, 7:30am this morning


The ocean is clean again! No more gagging on the pooey browns from recent floodwaters – I see mighty-fine blue-greens once again. The sunshine was blanketing the beaches as the swell produced head high peaks. Gentle winds, currently 7 knots from the north. High tide midday, low was 6am. Lots of people up early this […]

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North Bondi Boat Ramp, a hive of dogs, bakers and boats


In stark contrast to yesterday, Sydney is now soaked with rain. Since sunrise, we’ve been lashed with constant showers and now 22 knots of SSE onshore winds. The beach is deserted, and everybody is back to school/work. The Beach party is over! Oh boy, it’s been busy on our beaches lately – here are some pics […]

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Clovelly, yesterday in the sweltering heat

I’m back…

Happy New Year! I’m back on the tools and firing up the regular morning routines. Yeah, like millions, I got caught COVID over the break and now have totally recovered apart from an arvo nap! It wasn’t so mild for me, but the rest of the family sailed through – how about you? Since my […]

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Hellmen at Bronte having a crack 6:45am


Today is a big day both in the surf and online. There’s plenty of energy in both. With the odd monster set, Bronte to Bondi had some very chunky-chunks, easily double head high+. Not many takers as the work-to-reward equation were off – so much paddling, so little surfing! I feel it’s gonna drop off […]

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Ross Jones Pool, Coogee

Flat Earth.

It’s flat az. It’s a lake. It’s so flat you could mistakenly think that you just woke up in The Med. It’s rare to see our ocean this flat and energyless. Surfing – ha!Swimming – ah-huh! It was a glorious spring morning with a chill in the air. The west winds always bite deep. Those […]

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D-az, lefts, Bondi, standard

Elusive 🐋

We had a few whales in the bay this morning. I had my whale repellant cameras out, so I have virtually no photographic proof of the visit. I swear, every time I try and shoot images of whales or dolphins – they disappear into the deep abyss – they know I’m onto ’em. I’ll do better […]

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Last nights Blood Moon - Arroooo

Blood Moon

I’ve realised you guys really like your Moons and Dolphins. Now I just need to somehow combine the two with a single shot of Dolphins jumping over a full Moon. That’ll break the internet. Working on it… It’s been a fantastic week of natural wonders around here. I’ve been shooting a lot, filling up the […]

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