Patience pays


It was a dark cold morning. I found myself kicking around waiting for some the light. We’ve now past the winter solstice (June 21) so the days will get longer slightly from here. Hooray. There are waves around, head high on sets. The offshores are grooming and making for good conditions. It’s pretty darn cold […]

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Fresh little peak getting tweaked

Well hello.

Coupla little waves on offer this morning. It ain’t pumping, but it’s contestable. A bit of junk in the morning sess, maybe that’ll get ironed out as the day progresses. Swell will go tiny tomorrow before rocking back up on Tuesday. Whilst were we scoring 8 foot plus in Mentawais last week Taj and a […]

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The Big Boys

Right on time. The south swell machine has kicked up a few gears and is now producing 4-6 foot chunks. Bondi looked wild! Too much hard work paddling around on the high tide. There’s lots of water moving. Bronte seemed a little bit more in control, 4-5 guys out, but didn’t see anyone surf good […]

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Bubba, rock hopping at Tamarama


Like Monday’s glory day, the winds kicked back to the beautifully grooming South-West. I reckon that’s the best wind for around here. It’s not only good for surfing conditions but also creates the best blues in the ocean. The swell is not a patch on Super-Monday, but it’s still pretty damn fun. Bondi looked ordinary but […]

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Cliff hangers, Tamarama


Today is not a beach day. Full stop. New line. It’s better suited to the indoor activities. As I write this, rain is pelting our gallery tin roof – I can’t even hear my phone ring (Kinda like it). Imagine how good this is for your garden huh? I have a confession, I slept in. […]

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Pitter patter

Aquabumps HQ is an old mechanics workshop in Bondi Beach. The old tin roof sounds like a machine gun when she’s raining a lot. It’s gonna rain all day I hear – but clear up for tomorrow. The rest of the week is going to be fantastic. So…on this rainy Monday, crank the work out […]

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These mornings are immaculate. The crisp, clear, chilly winter’s air is a real treat. Shame about the lack of surf – it’s flat az… Fortunately tomorrow will host the odd 3 footer and it will build from there. Just when you’ve think you’ve seen it all, a guy pulls out his dirt bike and tries […]

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That pre-sunrise offshore wind has a bite to it – duzzzinit? Another cold morning dropping to 6 degrees. The air is super clean and super crisp. Colours seem to pop in this winter air. I like that. We have a long period dead south swell in town. South facing beaches would be attracting 3-4 footers…inconsistently. […]

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Lord Nelson

This morning was interesting. I arrived at Bronte Beach, early (6:30am). I shot some slow shutter stuff…took my time. Day dreamed. Waves looked very small. 1-2 foot. 2 guys out. Out of the blue a 3-4 footer arrived. CRUNCH! Impressive I thought. We’d it come from? I know a south ground swell is due today, […]

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