Bronte, the hub!


We’re all freaking out cause it’s gonna rain for a few days – some say 100mm tomorrow (so stoked as there’s no roof on most of my house currently under reno). Those dreamy after-work scorchers spent dunking in the ocean are over – for now. The beach and waves looked dire this morning—onshore, dark grey, […]

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Double pools of Bondi's most famous swimming club

Recent Work

I’ve been waiting for a lame, grey, onshore day to show you a few pics from my recent adventures. In contrast to today’s bland flavour, recently, we’ve been blessed with epic ocean colours and endless beach weather. I didn’t shoot anything today, which is rare for me. It’s a great day to be inside and […]

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Bronte. This is how today begun

il Bronte

Bronte, that little cove bay around the corner where plenty amass before work. It’s always good when the southerly is howling, having a big protecting cliff face on the south side. Bogey Hole, the rock pool next to the ocean pool, is one of Sydney’s busiest little water patches. It’s always a good angle on […]

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Go that inside bowl


It was a dreamy morning with solid wave options. A mixture of swells provided clean waves at most Sydney beaches – some sets in the 4-5ft range! It’s about to flip as the encroaching southerly makes its way up the coast to us…my prediction is that between 3-4 pm today, it will be all over […]

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Bondi broken skies around 7am

Giant Folds

Big swells are wasted around here. We don’t have the proper infrastructure to make it break in a rideable fashion when it gets over head-high. Such a shame, ’cause there’s virtually NO wind and conditions are optimal. Somewhere with a reef would be cooking right now. It’s a dead south swell at 180 degrees, so […]

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Giant closeouts from the weekend


The beach is completely deserted as the south change takes over. It’s raining, grey and definitely not a beach day. I did see rideable head-high waves, but it wasn’t enticing enough for most. I didn’t shoot it – due to mundane subject matter! Here are some images from the last 7 days around the neighbourhood. […]

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Hopefully the bad weather clears and we get back to this


It’s a very unimpressive day outside in Sydney. Rain dominates the landscape; weirdly, I’m wearing a jumper in summer. The beach looked deserted with small waves under a southerly siege. Unfortunately, Christmas Day looks to be similar to today’s weather setup. I’ve shot a lot recently, and here are some recent images that have not […]

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Crazy times on a crazy beach. Sunday


After a rainy Saturday, the masses flocked to a sunny Sunday in Bondi. It was quite a lot to get your head around, and sometimes, it felt a little out of control. Let me talk you through what I witnessed: On the point, the Chilean DJ had a crack at another rave party, but the […]

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Big bomb sets at Bondi this morning. You need to be Toledo to make the section

Straight lines

Today has a similar theme to the rest of the week – smokey and straight. We have so much swell in town; it’s relentless, but there’s just nowhere handling it well around here. I barely saw anyone catch a non-close-out all morning. Uber clean conditions, gentle winds and ubiquitous sunshine. Swell will start to taper […]

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Around the corner in the land of the big rocks

Bigger Wednesday

It’s bigger today, but debatable if it’s better. I browsed all the beaches in the neighbourhood, and it just seemed like closeouts everywhere. Yeah, it’s well over head high and some double head high sets…plenty of water moving…but little joy, I thought. At sunrise, this was my verdict anyway. The surf community were up early […]

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Bogey Hole morning delights, Bronte

Swell Retreats

The swell has done a runner, and we’re left with 1-2ish footers. Friday’s bring out the biggest crowds, especially at sunrise and with 23 banging degrees forecast. We currently have light 8 knots offshore NW winds in Sydney. It will swing NE around lunchtime. Small conditions will be the theme of the next few days. […]

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Bronte gets the sun first and it's welcomed when you're about to dive in


A very chilly start to the day, with a late sunrise as we approach the winter solstice of June 22 (the shortest day of the year). The skies were clear, and the solar welcome. I love how Sydney people still swim, no matter what. The waves are dwindling, and tomorrow they will even get smaller. […]

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Today kicked off like this, then went all grey

Mixed Tape *

Today was an awkward morning for my morning rituals of Bondi documentation – it was very dark, and then lots of drizzle. The precipitation forced me to retreat several times, so I only captured a wide shot of Bondi as the sunrise presented pinks. The rest of the pics included today are randomly plucked off […]

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