Big bomb sets at Bondi this morning. You need to be Toledo to make the section

Straight lines

Today has a similar theme to the rest of the week – smokey and straight. We have so much swell in town; it’s relentless, but there’s just nowhere handling it well around here. I barely saw anyone catch a non-close-out all morning. Uber clean conditions, gentle winds and ubiquitous sunshine. Swell will start to taper […]

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Around the corner in the land of the big rocks

Bigger Wednesday

It’s bigger today, but debatable if it’s better. I browsed all the beaches in the neighbourhood, and it just seemed like closeouts everywhere. Yeah, it’s well over head high and some double head high sets…plenty of water moving…but little joy, I thought. At sunrise, this was my verdict anyway. The surf community were up early […]

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Bogey Hole morning delights, Bronte

Swell Retreats

The swell has done a runner, and we’re left with 1-2ish footers. Friday’s bring out the biggest crowds, especially at sunrise and with 23 banging degrees forecast. We currently have light 8 knots offshore NW winds in Sydney. It will swing NE around lunchtime. Small conditions will be the theme of the next few days. […]

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Bronte gets the sun first and it's welcomed when you're about to dive in


A very chilly start to the day, with a late sunrise as we approach the winter solstice of June 22 (the shortest day of the year). The skies were clear, and the solar welcome. I love how Sydney people still swim, no matter what. The waves are dwindling, and tomorrow they will even get smaller. […]

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Today kicked off like this, then went all grey

Mixed Tape *

Today was an awkward morning for my morning rituals of Bondi documentation – it was very dark, and then lots of drizzle. The precipitation forced me to retreat several times, so I only captured a wide shot of Bondi as the sunrise presented pinks. The rest of the pics included today are randomly plucked off […]

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Send it!


The waves are plentiful, and the sunshine delightful. It was the first morning you needed to rug up – (around 12 degrees at sunrise). The water, however, remains ridiculously warm, and some are still surfing in boardies! The best (and biggest) waves are at beaches that face east. Bondi still attracted some swell in the […]

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Good backdrop with Autumn light, this morning

Nooks and Crannies

Sydney’s coastline is like a broken eggshell, with nooks and crannies everywhere, facing all directions. The good thing about this is that it can be 1ft at one beach and 3ft at another facing more east on the same day! Today I shot a bit at Bronte, a 270-metre-long beach just over the hill from […]

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Bondi Ben Buckler inversion layer


We had another spectacular beach weekend in Sydney. It was quite simply stunning, with light winds and glorious temperatures. Rather than show you grey, onshore images from this morning (The ‘Smotherly’ is here), I’d rather showcase images taken yesterday. Da-nah! We had an odd inversion fog layer roll into town – where cold air meets […]

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Wow, some wild red light last night on sunset and a MASSIVE crowd


La Nina is over. Yep, over. Let’s party. Wow, now that the weather has been unlocked, hasn’t it rebounded in a big way? Hot-hot-hot. Mid-to-high thirties for most of yesterday – and it remained thirty degrees overnight.  The beaches have been rammed with humans seeking a reprieve from the heat. At sunrise this morning, there […]

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Bogey Hole, Bronte busy


Geez, what a busy morning – everywhere. In and out of the water. It looks like everyone got on the sunrise swim program. Surfwise, there’s plenty of south swell. It’s straight AZ at Bondi with sets over head high. I shot for 1.5 hours this morning and could barely get a shot of anyone on […]

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Bronte, sizeable waves clipping the corner


After a week of school holidays (where I rarely picked up a camera) I’m baaack! The daily fix should flow from here… A nice morning to kick off this working week (well, there are still plenty of school holidays). A sprinkle of colour at sunrise, light winds and a consistently breaking 3-foot ESE swell. All […]

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Tamarama golds - haven't shot here in aaaaages


Gee that swell certainly disappeared – quick smart. It was 3-4 foot yesterday, and this morning it’s barely breaking. That’s OK, as it was a warmer, spring-like vibe at sunrise today. Sun was out, the winds were calm…and the ocean was inviting. Go for a dip. Did you see Aquabumps spreads in the latest edition […]

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Bronte Board Meeting at sunrise today

6’s to 9’s

I’m loving today. Those dull, grey, rainy mornings (6’s) are now exquisite sunny, calm, clean sessions (9’s). The whole week looks decent. The central bank at Bondi had a wave this morning, but it’s fat, so you’ll need a high litreage in your surf vehicles. A big bunch of frothers feasting happily on the 2-foot […]

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