The Big Boys

Right on time. The south swell machine has kicked up a few gears and is now producing 4-6 foot chunks. Bondi looked wild! Too much hard work paddling around on the high tide. There’s lots of water moving. Bronte seemed a little bit more in control, 4-5 guys out, but didn’t see anyone surf good […]

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Bubba, rock hopping at Tamarama


Like Monday’s glory day, the winds kicked back to the beautifully grooming South-West. I reckon that’s the best wind for around here. It’s not only good for surfing conditions but also creates the best blues in the ocean. The swell is not a patch on Super-Monday, but it’s still pretty damn fun. Bondi looked ordinary but […]

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Cliff hangers, Tamarama


Today is not a beach day. Full stop. New line. It’s better suited to the indoor activities. As I write this, rain is pelting our gallery tin roof – I can’t even hear my phone ring (Kinda like it). Imagine how good this is for your garden huh? I have a confession, I slept in. […]

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Pitter patter

Aquabumps HQ is an old mechanics workshop in Bondi Beach. The old tin roof sounds like a machine gun when she’s raining a lot. It’s gonna rain all day I hear – but clear up for tomorrow. The rest of the week is going to be fantastic. So…on this rainy Monday, crank the work out […]

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These mornings are immaculate. The crisp, clear, chilly winter’s air is a real treat. Shame about the lack of surf – it’s flat az… Fortunately tomorrow will host the odd 3 footer and it will build from there. Just when you’ve think you’ve seen it all, a guy pulls out his dirt bike and tries […]

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That pre-sunrise offshore wind has a bite to it – duzzzinit? Another cold morning dropping to 6 degrees. The air is super clean and super crisp. Colours seem to pop in this winter air. I like that. We have a long period dead south swell in town. South facing beaches would be attracting 3-4 footers…inconsistently. […]

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Lord Nelson

This morning was interesting. I arrived at Bronte Beach, early (6:30am). I shot some slow shutter stuff…took my time. Day dreamed. Waves looked very small. 1-2 foot. 2 guys out. Out of the blue a 3-4 footer arrived. CRUNCH! Impressive I thought. We’d it come from? I know a south ground swell is due today, […]

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New Duds

Well…well…well…check us out. After nearly 10 years of using the same daily email template we’ve made a few changes. What do ya reckon? I hope your computer didn’t catch on fire when it hit your inbox and you feel instantly calm with our minimal, zen like approach. In all seriousness…post a comment of your thoughts […]

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Rough Water

OK so I’m a little dry on content today. I rolled down the beach…howling onshore and 2 foot – intermittent rain. Nothing to exciting. Barely anyone out surfing (smart). I drove around to Bronte…1 guy out…not doing much. The ocean is very agitated and you will need to wait for it to calm down. Be […]

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