The family dropping into my office this morning

Lake Bondi

Probably the first real summery vibing morning of the season – warm, muggy, waveless and a gang still partying from last night trying to swim in their jeans. Ah yes, the real Bondi silly season is back! What a cracker of a weekend huh? Spectacular weather. Bondi was virtually flat this morning. It’s gonna hit […]

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Dingy, North Bondi

True North

There are waves around head high, from the North – which is pretty much useless to us around here as we have no sand at beaches facing that way, and the high tide (7 am) was porking up anything worth slaying. South facing Bondi was tiny, muggy but good for a morning Friday swim. Forecast […]

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Aerial Outtakes

Today’s not the most photogenic day. Onshore, rainy, 1 foot slop sums up what I saw down the beach this morning. The good news is its gonna clear, but the onshore flow will remain until at least tomorrow afternoon. During our Covid Winter I spent quite a bit of time flying around in helicopters, shooting. […]

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Mottled skies, Bronte


Today is not a surf day. It’s one foot (a very small person’s foot) – and onshore. Much cooler in comparison to yesterday and partly cloudy. Max land temperature 21°East swell.South wind 9 knots.Sunrise was 6:14 am I’d like to think you may be able to surf a 2 footer tomorrow. The forecast is for […]

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Oh boy, wanna be inside that thing


We’re set for a brilliantly sunny, warm, spring day as we head towards 30 degrees. It’s so nice outside, enjoy it, as winds will be stronger later and a chance of a thunderstorm tonight. The water was cold. It’s always cool after days of northerlies. We’ve got a NE swell in town, I didn’t see […]

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Drifter, Bronte Pool 6:30am

Swim holes

I toured most of the beaches of the east this morning, I didn’t see a wave break with a human on it. Now that is saying something…needless to say, this week has been lacking in waves for surfers around here. A lot of grumpy people because of it! Let’s hope next week is more fruitful. […]

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Inside out


There are waves, quite big ones (4-6ft) but are they rideable? Not really. I didn’t see many decent ones. Wild bucking horses everywhere I looked. Backwash blowing the backs out – the works! Offshore – si. Sunshine – plenty. Cold – very. Stoke factor – cosi cosi. Somewhere else would be good, or around here […]

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The morning spread

Wave Music

Today’s interesting. We’re due for a rapid south swell increase as the day progresses. It was only 3-4 foot at sunrise this morning, which is up on yesterday but still nowhere near the 6-8 foot peak of the swell. Will it pump? Not sure. It’s a very south direction and we don’t have fantastic banks. […]

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Friendy, got a lot of wave to work with here


Everyone loves a good wedge. Nothing is more exciting than a chunk of water, standing tall, abruptly and curling over. Fantastic morning conditions, offshore winds continue and brilliant sunshine. 20 degrees today and a salubrious water temp – 18? Perhaps 19? Sunny all week long – dang! :: uge

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The pool run around, Bronte

High Hopes

I thought after a day of settling, the ocean would’ve come good. I’ve seen images on The Gram from northside that look inviting. Not much around here though… The swell still looks very wonky, buckled, random. All morning, loitering around many of the Eastern suburbs beaches, I didn’t see anybody get a good wave. It’s […]

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Roman on a mutant, multi-faced - thing

Sunny Chills

It’s sunny, but it feels cold. At sunrise, it was cold. In my opinion, the ocean looks confused. Another mixture of swells, clashing and washing about. I didn’t really see any quality waves on my morning adventures. There’s a head high wave on offer, but it’s definitely not clean nor organised. For the next few […]

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Good solid meaty section

The Early Edition

Today I challenged myself to 45 minutes of shooting and 45 minutes of post’n’upload. So it’s early! A good test for my daily routine – after doing about 6,500 of these posts – you get a solid process down. The seas have calmed and there are waves on offer in the 3-5 foot range. Winds […]

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Corner hollows, Bronte


Last week sounded quite exciting around Sydney (Coastalwise). So many pics circulating on the net of giant tubes and brave hellmen. Well, today it’s 1-2 foot! Most beaches have erosion from the recent storm. Enormous rocks are being revealed and bulldozers are trying to even out the movements of sand. Perfectly sunny weather. In fact, […]

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