An explosion of colour hovering over North Bondi this morning


This morning was an explosion of colour over Bondi Beach. Bright hues glowed from the North as we entered the first day of winter. The colours were so strong, it looked unreal. (I even pulled them back in post). It’s also the 1st day of regional travel, as our COVID19 grip loosens. Loads of people […]

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Daz, throwing out some heat this morning

Autumn Golds

A pleasant surprise to see a swell increase this morning. I saw waves up to around the chest high, with the odd head high set. A huge early crew out scrambling for anything moving (standard). The seaweed is still dominating the left into the southern corner. The average maximum temperature for June in Sydney is […]

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CP taking the log for a spin


Ok, we’re back on regular programming today. The sun is out, the waves have returned, and it’s a sensational beach morning. Two sandbanks were putting out waist to shoulder high waves this morning. We’ve still had dregs from that NE swell, but a new SE swell seems to be filling in, which suits Bondi Beach’s orientation. […]

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Sunshine – yes – soak it up. Waves too, much smaller than yesterday. 2-3 foot, clean. Yesterday I was surfing with a just a couple others. This morning at sunrise – gridlock. WOW. Packed. A ding repairers heaven. Have you checked out the slabby new surf lake in Queensland? Looks fun. :: uge

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Minimalismo, Bondi


After a late cooling southerly we now have clouds and waves. A little bit of swell was kicked up overnight. I saw the odd shoulder high wave however it did appear a little weak, limping into the beach. Huge morning crowd out wishing we had yesterdays weather on repeat. Seeyouselater. :: uge

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Teneal really enjoying her morning swim today at South Bondi!

Weed Monster

Let’s get on the weed today!  Overnight, seaweed has taken over Bondi. In the South end I reckon it was actually acting like a bank and making a left form. Bondi is surfable – but not great. 1-2 footers, with 1 freak tube ridden by Mr. Weetman. The water is warm and relatively uncrowded. 41 […]

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1st light froth, 6:10am


It’s a cooking spring day with a freaky 32 degrees on the forecast. How good… The beach was humming with activity this morning as the masses flocked to Bondi for their slice of this warm day. Did you get in? Cold in. Waves were meant to be a tiny 1-2 foot, but I saw sets over […]

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Human torpedo, K-RON

Drifting Low

It is Friday, so watch my latest video piece, this time a 2 minute summary of my recent hangs in Hawaii. WATCH NOW A drifting low-pressure system down south is creating some strong westerly winds in Sydney today. Mid arvo it’s going to really blow. West winds are typically cold – which is why the […]

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Shacked, this is what you see. Bondi Beach 7am


I coulda swore the forecast was for small waves this morning. What a nice surprise to see 3-4 footers at Bondi – YES! It was a different kinda morning. Water moving around everywhere, dragging me with it. I shot the left that turned into a right. Rights that turned into burgers. Then a few lefts […]

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Dawn Dip

You could feel the chill in the air this morning. It’s coming…colder times. The water remains warm though. Small swell from the SE 2-3 footers. Low tide this morning so the banks were protruding and closing out most waves at Bondi. Few little runners – I’d guess it would be better on the higher tides. […]

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Damn dark morning down there. Quite different to the other mornings of this week. Makes for grainy shots. There is 3 feet of south swell. That’s good for Bondi but it wasn’t breaking very well. Friday’s are the busiest day of the week. Even in the dark. I love this shot from my Rio trip. […]

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I’ve been down the beach a few times already today…I’m yet to be inspired so I am running pics that I shot earlier this week when the sun was out – ok, there is a few randoms from the bird as well. This morning hosted some pretty horrible surf conditions, 1 foot…maybe 2 (streeeetch), onshore […]

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Hot Doggin’

The sun is back and the surf is dribbling. What a nice morning. Looks all calm and orderly right now doesn’t it…well, in 28 hours the ocean is going to roar and spit out 8-10 footers. Yes hellmen, huge swell kicking really hard tomorrow afternoon. Where you going to be? It’s ski season and some […]

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