Hot Doggin’

The sun is back and the surf is dribbling. What a nice morning. Looks all calm and orderly right now doesn’t it…well, in 28 hours the ocean is going to roar and spit out 8-10 footers. Yes hellmen, huge swell kicking really hard tomorrow afternoon. Where you going to be?

It’s ski season and some Hawaiians want in…how about Chuck the Ripper surfing Jaws on snow skis? Watch

Lisa Dempsey lives in Bondi and soft sands most mornings. She’s one of the hundreds I see every day down there, rain, hail or shine. Lisa founded designer label Jac+Jack and they having a sample sale! Details look right at the grey square thingie.

Ends :: ugio

See, there is swell today, if you wait long enough.

Morning duckdive


Morning traffic, Bondi 7:30am


Grant trimming morning sparks, Bondi 7am

Miss Glover and her missile

Grant and Chaci

Hey Ray, you're back...

Sarah Glover, cookie genius

2 thoughts on “Hot Doggin’

  1. Silhouette Man rides the swell on Pix 2, love the varying spray and light on this one…takes me instantly out of the office cheers Uge

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