I thought a rainy-1-foot-day is the perfect opportunity to go through my shots from the past 4 weeks.

As you know, I’ve spent a good chunk of the past month travelling and have seen some incredible things…from the mega-city Manhattan to the remote islands of Mentawai…and then the amazing nuggets of The Cape last week.

Good times…go travel and see stuff. (Deep, I know)

Some more good news is that Power Living Yoga are opening up August 2nd in Bondi Beach. Power Living are one of the biggest Yoga Studios in Australia and opening on Jacques Ave in Bondi. Click here for your chance to win a years’ worth of yoga sessions.

See ya tomorrow, ::uge


Lances left, clean perfection. Mentawais

Crazy place, perfect hollow lefts and rights, Mentawais

The Cape, backwash monsters

Mellowest human I have ever met, John from Nusa Togat

Our boat, Mentawais

Erik, ripping at Scarecrows

Ritchie, The Cape

NYC rooftops

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