Andrej Kowalski does airs on foamies, for real

Colourful Fridays

A lot was going on down at Bondi this morning. In fact that’ an understatement. It was a crazy combination of some of the best waves we’ve had all week, Friday (so everyone comes down), warm bath-like water, decent sunrise and One Wave (Fluro Fridays) 6th Birthday – busy! Good to see a little kick […]

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Chris Prestidge, rear view


At sunrise this morning there was a small gap in the wild storms. I even experienced a moment of sunshine. It was nice and neat, glassy this morning, but since then the SE is blowing, quite strong too. It’s all junked up. Heavy rain is due for the weekend! :: uge

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Oh yes, motorized foil boarding - it's a thing!

Dear Santa…

What’s on your Christmas wish list? A motorized foil board? A big east swell and offshore winds? Oh, I got it…an Aquabumps artwork from our gallery. Of course! We have plenty in-stock ready to go. Here are a few gift ideas: A long sleeve wettie jacket for summer from NCHE $170. Surfboard – 7s Double-Down summer […]

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Good start to the week, Bondi Beach


Real quiet morning down at Bondi Beach Australia. I think the cold mornings put many off. Even the hardcore regulars were absent. Small closeouts on offer – not really anything substantial to write about. It will double in size by tonight – now that is exciting. Thank you for donating to our SurfAid Cup team, we […]

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Morning swims @ Bondi Beach


1st up…It’s Friday so I’ve made a 1 min film clip of the week. (mostly shot this morning). Yeah, it’s cold outside. It’s surprisingly warm still in the water. The only hard part is getting into a damp wettie in the dark and sprinting across the icy sand. The rest is a breeze. Our London […]

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Solar Marathon

We’re bang in the middle of a solar marathon (and swell drought). I hope you’re enjoying it (the sun bit that is – not the 1 footers). Sunday could even pass as a normal beach day (24). The swell forecast is meant to scoop up from 1 foot to 4 foot. I am a little […]

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Party Time

Gotta give it to those One Wave crew, they’ve surely started something big. It’s their 2nd birthday today and an enormous crowd rolled down to Bondi at sunrise. It could not have been a better morning for the crew. No waves, warm water and stunning sunrise. Bondi is surfless. North East swells don’t even enter […]

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Hot Doggin’

The sun is back and the surf is dribbling. What a nice morning. Looks all calm and orderly right now doesn’t it…well, in 28 hours the ocean is going to roar and spit out 8-10 footers. Yes hellmen, huge swell kicking really hard tomorrow afternoon. Where you going to be? It’s ski season and some […]

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