The Bondi fire wall

Solar Marathon

We’re bang in the middle of a solar marathon (and swell drought). I hope you’re enjoying it (the sun bit that is – not the 1 footers). Sunday could even pass as a normal beach day (24).

The swell forecast is meant to scoop up from 1 foot to 4 foot. I am a little skeptical. The ocean looks energyless to me right now. I hope I’m wrong as the week of small waves has been, well, ahem, a little monotonous. How ’bout some chunk!

You would know Chatty John Adams. He lives and works at South Bondi, running his business from an apartment with a million dollar view over Bondi. He’s shopping around for a website coordinator/wordpress guru. Good spot to work!┬áRead job spec and see you down the beach.

Adios:: uge

If you've ever wondered who shoots these shots, here he is.

Fiery water, Bondi

Grant catches a wave and the girls on the beach go wild!

Gracey Verco, Jet's assistant today

Stretch marks

The Italian Stallion

The solar marathon continues


Like surfing waves on your own? Not today...

Campbell Parade

Nice left! More please.

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