Golden lefts, Bondi

Stock Standard

Today is typical Autumn Bondi day.

It all started with the Buddhist monks pounding the pavement (std). Then the sunshine came over Ben Buckler and illuminated some 2 foot leftovers. (How good was the weekend for surf?)

The Tourists were up early…documenting everything with their phones and selfie sticks. Icebergs was full. Not a car park in the whole suburb (std). And then as I entered the Aquabumps gallery to kick of my day the neighbors are still going…from Friday…red eyed, red faced and pupils lit up asking me to pop over for a Jager bomb.

Home sweet home. Good ole’ Bondi Beach.


Jammin' the lefts


Pocket boom!

Miss Glover

Icebergs rinse cycle

Get up early for the colour

Berkeley Court, Bondi


Left grinds

Cheer up buddy, nice day!

All done

One thought on “Stock Standard

  1. That pic of a bloke rinsing off, that wall of barnacles? I used to stare into that on calm days when I was a kid, back in 1956.
    Thanks for the shot,Uge, you bought it back.

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