Tight take off spot


We’ve got a fresh batch of dead south swell in town and it’s quite exciting. We haven’t seen size like this for a while now. I am really hoping it bashes those straight banks at Bondi into something fun. C’mon. Please.

The swell will peak, hard, right now and then drop off into the afternoon. That’s cool as it’s maxing out a few joints and needs to chill a bit.

Winds are just perfect, NW 10 knots. It will warm up to 23 degrees today. Sunny, of course.

:: uge

1st light golds on Mahon rocks

Lara Damelian

Grandma has been busy

Locked in

Solar powered

Brave women swimming in a washy pool this morning at Mahon

Wide open faces

Doing laps

Luke Kennedy

Kobi Graham, knows Bronte like the back of his hand

Look at that offshore groomer - just perfect

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