This is a mid range set.


Well well well. A big swell has rocked up into town and its gone rogue. I was expecting decent sized waves, but not this big. I saw sets above 8 foot. So much water moving. So hard to find a decent one. So much wash through. Somewhere would be firing today.

Sydneysiders love a good meaty swell. Everyone rocks down the beach to check it out.

Bronte local, Gav, runs Fruit Man Sam. I’m pretty sure today he’ll be surfing but normally he delivers fresh fruit and veg direct from the markets. It’s a great service and hassle free, we’ve done it for years – just ring Gav or Adam 0431 083 568 or go to web if ya keen.

Our Aquabumps SurfAid Cup team has raised $7k for charity. Everyone that donated, THANK YOU. I mean it. We appreciate your support for such a needy cause. If you want to donate to support the Aquabumps team, you have until 9am tomorrow and do it here. Think of it as good karma, shed a couple bucks here and Huey will supply you with swell all winter. The SurfAid Cup is on Friday at Bondi from 8am. Come down!

:: uge

Pondering @ sunrise

Rough patch

Morning board meeting

Angry ocean

The cliffs all lit up

Everyone comes out to see big waves.

Fat section

Patience pays

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