Icebergs Bondi Beach, empty and grey

Zoom Vs Prime

The rogue wonder swell of yesterday has backed right off and it’s now quite manageable at most beaches (3 ft). I didn’t really see anything special to surf this morning – a lot of empty lineups though. Good day to snag a few for yourself.

A lot of readers email us questions about camera gear and what I use to shoot the daily fix. Today I am gonna talk nerdy camera gear. I see some of you already glazing over. For most of my shooting career I would only use prime lenses. Prime means fixed focal length. I would never have dreamed of using zoom lenses (ones where you twist it and it zooms in and out) in the past as they just weren’t sharp enough. This meant my car boot would hold around 15-20 lenses, all different focal lengths for different occasions. It was such a hassle lugging all that around. Well, these days the zooms are the pick of the crop. Sharper than ever…these new zooms mean I can carry less lenses that cover a wider range of focal lengths and they pin sharp. My chiropractor thanks you Canon! The majority of my surfing shots are taken with a Canon zoom 200-400mm (with built in 1.4x converter) and a 1Dx II Canon Body – I shot with this today and do so most days. This is the crème de la crème of long lens shooting setups. Awesome for sport.

Our Aquabumps Team raised $10k for SurfAid – thank you for your support. Andy from Bucket List is hosting the Surfaid Cup after party tomorrow at Bondi – come! He shamelessly sms’d me late at night to prompt a plug in today’s post.

Ok, ‘nuf ramble.

:: uge

P.S. Canon are offering Aquabumps readers 5% from their online store (use promo code AQUA).

Big Tyson Millar at Tama

Peaky rights

Backhand attack, Tama

Fat and flat burgers at Bondi

One thought on “Zoom Vs Prime

  1. $15k for one of those fancy lenses!
    give another few years and they’ll be standard in your iphone…

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