Bronte Pool this morning in the chills

Our ‘hood

We are pretty lucky around here. Got some damn nice clean beaches to wake up to. Take your pick, they’re all pretty decent and a short walk between. When the weather’s good everyone is up early enjoying the crisp mornings. Today was a little chillier than other days. Winter is just ’round the corner.

Have you been watching the Oi Rio Pro insomniacs? (hard time zone that one). The surf has been a little disappointing hasn’t it? Especially when you compare it to other legs of the tour. In fact they’ve been having a rough trot for the entire comp – shootings – big names like Parko, Slater, Mick, Bede, Taj, OttzĀ  all not surfing leaving the door wide open for new guard. Medina has been doing some colourful airs, maybe it’s his new Samsung phone surfboards that tell him when a set is coming?!! Some pretty big claims going down whilst Narrabeen local Cathels has been shredding quieting in the background (Go Dave). Tyler Wright nailed the girls comp and the mens should continue tomorrow into the quarters.


The tide is out at Icebergs

Bondi, this is surfing today

If you can see your pad in this shot you're doing well.

Bronte's Bogey Hole at high tide.

The right!

Cora Bez, fanatical morning snapper

"How big are the sets today mate? Shoulder high?"

Our 'Hood. Bronte to Bondi

Bronte to Bondi path

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