What's the time Uncle Joel?


Hot and muggy one, and it’s only getting hotter. That’s something to be excited about. Good to see loads of crew enjoying our weedy waters down Bondi. Small waves, dribbles really, yet contestable. Take a high volume surf craft. Tomorrow, oh boy, tomorrow…hot hot hot! Water has warmed up as, shed some rubber. :: uge, […]

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South Bondi, all coloured up for us this morning

Colour Run

A little bump in swell provided some rideable surf this morning. It’s no Nias 20 foot right-hander with boats going over the falls, but it’s contestable. Calling it waist to shoulder high at Bondi. The main attraction of the morning was the sunrise – wow – what colours! After weeks of clear mornings, we finally […]

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My latest film, all shot on my Google Pixel 2 phone


Hurro, It’s Friday so let’s kick off with a short film, from last month’s boat trip in the salubrious Mentawais, all shot on my phone (Google Pixel 2). Secondly, I owe you an apology. Up until today, you’ve been viewing my images in low-res, lo-def, 1990’s blurry resolution. So if you have a fancy Retina, […]

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The most photographed skeg of Annina


The ladies of Bondi were out in force this morning dominating the peak. It’s always a fun (noisier) vibe when the girls are out. They do love their team waves! Good sharers. A band spanking new south swell has arrived in town, and Bondi loves it. I was surprised to see set waves in the […]

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Teneal really enjoying her morning swim today at South Bondi!

Weed Monster

Let’s get on the weed today!  Overnight, seaweed has taken over Bondi. In the South end I reckon it was actually acting like a bank and making a left form. Bondi is surfable – but not great. 1-2 footers, with 1 freak tube ridden by Mr. Weetman. The water is warm and relatively uncrowded. 41 […]

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'Bergs reflection time


Conditions are looking so much better than yesterday. There is still plenty of swell, I am talking 3-4 with the odd bigger set. The sun is out and it’s shaping up to be a cracker. Swell is from the South and the wind has gone Nor-East (grooming). Nor-easter will make it dribble, and weaker (I surfed […]

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Morning swims @ Bondi Beach


1st up…It’s Friday so I’ve made a 1 min film clip of the week. (mostly shot this morning). Yeah, it’s cold outside. It’s surprisingly warm still in the water. The only hard part is getting into a damp wettie in the dark and sprinting across the icy sand. The rest is a breeze. Our London […]

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Shacked, this is what you see. Bondi Beach 7am


I coulda swore the forecast was for small waves this morning. What a nice surprise to see 3-4 footers at Bondi – YES! It was a different kinda morning. Water moving around everywhere, dragging me with it. I shot the left that turned into a right. Rights that turned into burgers. Then a few lefts […]

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Every morning I peer through my blinds hoping that just the right amount of cloud will be in the correct position to light up above Bondi. Today it was on. Amazing colours to greet this fine day. Still after 16 years of Bondi sunrises I get stoked to wake up to this! Even though the […]

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Little baby 1-2 footers are breaking at Bondi right now. It’s an immaculate summer’s beach day…stick the out-of-office on and get down there. Water is 21 degrees. I’ve had two swims before work…gonna try for 2 more today. :: uge

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Hot Doggin’

The sun is back and the surf is dribbling. What a nice morning. Looks all calm and orderly right now doesn’t it…well, in 28 hours the ocean is going to roar and spit out 8-10 footers. Yes hellmen, huge swell kicking really hard tomorrow afternoon. Where you going to be? It’s ski season and some […]

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It’s flat as this morning but she’s shaping into one hell of a beach day. It could cool down with some thunderstorms later today. There is quite a bit for us to talk about, so here is a summary: The Pipeline Masters will most likely run this weekend (Remember Hawaiian time is one day behind). […]

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H A V I x A B

After a few stormy days earlier in the week we have defaulted back to summer gold. This morning was real nice. One of those days where people say to me all morning “How good is this!” I couldn’t agree more. The water was warm, calm and the odd chest high wave. Good for a mal. […]

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