THE SUN IS OUT – HIT THE BEACH! Helios the Greek sun god is being kind to us!

A mighty fine morning down the beach. Yeah, it’s cold, it’s August still, but hell – a swim will bust you into a new mood – very invigorating! The water feels about 16-17 and today the mercury will peak around a balmy 22 on the land. They are healthy digits.

The surf, on the other hand, was dire. Complete rubbish along the entire beach of Bondi. Normally I can find something, but wow, nothing seemed to be working at sunrise – I think the low tide (8:48 am) had a lot to do with it. Disclaimer – that shot before of Weeties head dipping under the lip is utterly misleading and a stroke of fortunate timing (like most of my photography).

Party on.

:: uge

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