Shred in front of da Bergs. Bondi 7am


Ah yes, these mornings are to be celebrated. They are special. They make you feel unreal. The water is balmy, the waves are rideable and Bondi has a pile of energy about it. It’s pumping! And this weekend looks HOT HOT HOT so we’re in for a huge one.
I swam for around 1.5 hours this morning. It was just spot on. I was pleased to see the swell hasn’t all dissipated and still throwing out the odd chest high set.
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Another local announcement, the Bondi Boardriders AGM and registration for 2017 is tonight, 10 Feb from 5pm at the BUCKETLIST on Bondi Beach. $80 to surf 8 contest. That means surfing Bondi Beach, with 3 others on a Sunday. How good would that be?
:: uge

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Electrifying! NSW country clarity


Yes…still away from Bondi. After documenting the same beach for 17 years it’s pretty important to get out on the open road. Australia is blessed with countless idyllic beaches where the sand is white and the oceans are crystal clear. Lucky, aren’t we?
Surfers – should be a trickle of small south swell all week, declining into Friday before getting quite solid on Sunday.
Wednesday is going to be a hot one, 36…so pencil in an R.D.O.
Have a great week.
:: uge

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: : d u n k

I thought I’d never say it, but I am surfed out…
The waves in Hawaii have been consistently above head high for weeks now – I’ve filled my quota.
Today was small(ish) so I decided to go beneath the surface for a look around. This is what I found.
The Volcom Pipe Pro waiting period starts today. Day 1 is a Layday. Looks like some swell coming in 2 days time (Wed here, Thurs in Oz). Kelly Slater has rocked up…not sure if he’s surfing in it, but I bet if the waves turn on – yes, he will be out there just to get Pipe without the crowds.
Adios :: u g e
PS – got an ear infection – so no water shots for a few days…torture!

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basking in the sun

3 good reasons to hit the beach right now.
1) It is gonna be a fat 32 degrees
2) It is gonna rain for the rest of the week
3) It is just perfect down there right now, ok, some waves would be nice, but you can’t have everything
Waves will come Wed/Thursday.
Bye for now :: uge

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I’m baaaack

I am back from my 4 week sabbatical and pleased to find 3-4 footers down at Bondi. Yeah it was a little bumpy, dumpy and random but highly surfable and very few out.
So I’ve been hearing ALL about the past 2 weeks of south swell madness. How fortunate for you. Hope you’ve scored your quota and stay out of the water for a few days so I can fill mine. Some hot pics floating around the place…geez it was solid.
I have to say, after spending time overseas it’s amazing how many people are up at sunrise down at Bondi doing their morning thing. People everywhere this morning at a wiff of the approaching summer. So much warmer now than when I left…(thankfully)
Bye, uge

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