It’s still breaking, yeah, ah-huh, but smaller than yesterday.

An excellent run of surfable days with light winds. Dreamy. Maybe this makes up for 2020 – where a wave didn’t break at South Bondi for 6 !@#!$ months! 6 months! 2 months of which we had a damn fence around a closed beach. So this is pay back.

Today was suited to the large foam surf vehicles, beginners and hungry groms. Knee to chest high sets had everybody paddling – most of the time for the same wave.

It will get smaller, again overnight.

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Avagoodweekend, uge

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Clouds! So good.


The french logging dance


Now that my family are all in the water, you're gonna get sick of photos of them


Earlier, when the clouds dominated


Inside track runner




24 Carat Gold




Plenty of this going on



Hook it back to the foam


BB, hanging on last light, summer swims

2 thoughts on “Fluidform

  1. Yewww love the shots today uge but would love it even more if we got some more longboarding shots in there more than the shorties cheers from a fan

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