North Bondi had all the good waves on the weekend


On Saturday, we had a brief pause from the rain – what a treat! I hope you finally got outside without the gumboots. The waves also cleaned up on the weekend, and most of Sydney was on the cook.  Today – well, today…it’s back to 15 knots of southeasterly onshore and a large storm saturating Sydney. […]

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Spin cycle, North Bondi last night


The storms are here, and Sydney has crawled back indoors. Earlier today, we had moments of sunshine, but now it’s set in and could dump 20mm of rain on us. The winds were south early, making for semi-clean cross shores at Bondi, but now it’s full onshore with more east in it. A small 1-2 […]

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North Bondi

Onshore Flow

It’s been onshore for a few days now, and the ocean looks like a junkyard. Eighteen knots of SSE is making things unsurfable, unenjoyable and keeping me highly productive at work, inside. There was a short twinkle of colour at sunrise, it was brief, so many of you would have missed it. The beach was […]

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Bondi, underneath


It’s still breaking, yeah, ah-huh, but smaller than yesterday. An excellent run of surfable days with light winds. Dreamy. Maybe this makes up for 2020 – where a wave didn’t break at South Bondi for 6 !@#!$ months! 6 months! 2 months of which we had a damn fence around a closed beach. So this […]

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Good morning. (Selamat Pagi). Lembongan Island hosts a few surf breaks but the best wave is Shipwrecks, a machined right-hander that has a barrel on the right tide, air section (if that’s your flavour) and a fat cuttie section – good combo. It can appear completely flat for most of the day, but on changing […]

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