Ben Buckler, sun, clubbies...ah just where I left it all


Something missing in your life? Been watching reruns of Bondi Rescue? Missing your daily photos from Bondi? After five weeks of drifting up and down the New South Wales Coast, I’m back in Bondi. Everything is back to normal, breathe, breathe… Bondi is packed; Ben Buckler is where I remember it, and there are people […]

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Getting lip, Bondi

Hump Day

Geez, it was nice down the beach this morning. Real purdy. The smoke had cleared a bit. The lack of wind created a nice, glassy surface. The swell has dropped a gear and 2 footers were pulsing into Bondi from the South. Crowds – yep, warm water and sunshine bring them out but it was […]

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Wave layers, Bondi Beach 6:30am


The current east swell has dropped a gear. An early morning low tide was closing out most waves at Bondi during sunrise. Every now and then a shoulder-high set will limp in, but it’s not unreal. Just surfable. Fantastic conditions, light offshores, perfectly sunny. Like yesterday, another cracker day to be outside in Sydney. Have […]

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Collapse, Bondi

Moving Water

“Bondi” or “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks. Lots of noise from breaking water this morning as the swell has spiked into the 4-5 foot region. Even a few bay closeouts. But…it’s not lining up well at all and our delicate sand banks don’t […]

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A good old tubey in front of the pavilion. Bondi 7-sumpin'


Ah Autumn mornings, they’re the best! I reckon it’s the water temperature that gets everyone down the beach. It’s just so inviting… A few little waves with a huge (hungry) morning crowd. Be careful out there. It’s kinda like driving down the road, but everyone is running the red lights. Nice looking weekend ahead. Small NE […]

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Every day I wake up in hope for good light and waves. Sydney is pretty special in that you can surf something, most days. It doesn’t crank as much as other places in the world but it sure is pretty consistent for some sort of water activity. Bondi had a little wave on this morning. […]

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Yo Beach Lovers, T’was a little bit too rainy and risky to swan around with 20 gees worth of camera gear this morning…my insurance company loves me for it. Here’s some images from last summer. There are waves, 2-3 footers and looked kinda clean, early. 32 knots of southerly now though. Yeah, 32 knots…that’s bloody […]

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Yep. Still here. Here in Hawaii that is. The weather gods have been kind and there has been plenty of cranking waves. Bet you didn’t know: Hawaii is the 50th state of America. It was the last to join and is dubbed the fittest state in the USA. That’s because everyone is surfing all day […]

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You’ve probably already heard through global news that there is a MONSTER swell hitting the Hawaiian Islands right now. I’m getting messages from all over the place wondering what it looks like here. To be honest I don’t know what all the fuss is about. When I went for my morning coffee down the road, […]

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It’s Friday and the swell is dropping just in time for the weekend. It’s still rideable and chest to head high on sets. The NW (6kn) winds have really cleaned the place up and the new banks are working a treat. After all that rain I reckon the south drain pumps out some sand into […]

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I’ll keep it short for you today… The swell has come up a little…it’s now breaking around your waist line (but is very weak and suitable for Malibu equipment). The swell is from the ENE so Maroubra, Tama, Bronte should have more swell, but let’s face it, it’s not pumping. The water temperature has dropped […]

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Bondi Bumps

We haven’t had good waves in ages. Not much has broken over my head during the festive season in Sydney. My shrink told me to look at other sports over summer, you know, be less 1 dimensional and spread my energy into sports less dependent on fickle weather’n’waves (or move to Hawaii). Today we have […]

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Radio Silence

Good morning. Sorry about the radio silence and all that. You’ve been deprived of your Aquabumps daily dosage for a few days now and I’ve been getting some knarky emails wondering what is with my disappearance. I am back and I am in Bali. Haven’t been back here for a little while…16 months to be […]

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