Soon, soon she'll be full of water again and you'll be immersed

Soon, soon she’ll be full of water again and you’ll be immersed

Free hugs?

Hi party people, after a few weeks of social dancing distancing, hiding in our homes, we could all do with a hug. Well, it’s illegal to hug anyone outside your family right now (!@#$ who’d thought I’d ever write those words). Usually, a hug fixes everything in the world!

Remember Juan Mann?
Back in 2004 hugging was ousted. Juan was the guy that was feeling depressed and lonely, so he made a sign saying FREE HUGS and took off down Pitt Street Mall to see what would happen. First 15 mins were hugless…everyone thought he was a bit cray cray. Then an elderly lady broke the drought and from then it boomed. Hugs-galore. That is, until the coppers rolled up, banning the ‘free hugs’ as Juan had not obtained public liability insurance for his actions. BOOO! Watch (78 million people watched it!)

When we’re done and dusted with the bloody Rona, I reckon there will be a bit of hugging going on. (My single mates are weirder than usual – they really need a hug) especially with beaches being shut in the Eastern Suburbs.


Aust-wide Free Delivery
Not free hugs, just free delivery – yeah just like Deliveroo, you can get essential artworks delivered to your door, fresh from our Bondi gallery. (Free delivery for Aussies only – but we can deliver world wide). Watch how to do it! and then charge up the credit card and shop. Got questions? Need a chat? We’re right ‘ere

It’s probably too cruel to mention the surf conditions. Let’s just say Easter time is always fruitful. Don’t worry, you’ll be back in the brine in no time. Promise. You’re doing good. Hair looks good as well :: uge

How to redeem free shipping

That first dip at Bondi is going to feel pretty amazing....


OH ITALY, we look forward to the old times


March 2, Pre-Rona


Mykonos, sunrise.



Roller, Bondi




One thought on “Free hugs?

  1. Def needed that hug. Always a boost to see the aqua email come in. Shielding ISO in the U.K. going on and on. Thanks again. X

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