Calga, Bronte Beach - 14 November

Memorable Dozen

It’s all gone whacky, again. The Northern Beaches Rona Outbreak has set us all into a bit of a spin. Chrissy plans cancelled, flights canned, borders shut. Stay positive! (and stay home if ya can).We’ll get through this, again. Today’s ‘Bumps consists of 12 photographs, shot this year that I’m proud of. I hope they […]

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Bronte - timing is essential here.


It’s still wild times down the beach with wind, rain and big waves. It’s not often we get a swell to last this long. That intense low is grinding up the coast, slowly. From tomorrow onwards it looks to be calming down. I reckon there are some good surfing conditions headed our way towards the […]

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Underwater skip!


It’s a magic day outside, hard one to be inside, I know. Ah-huh. I get it. You can still go for a long walk, ride, run…you just can’t loiter! The word on the street is the recently opened beaches from Randwick Council had plenty of sunbathers and hangers – don’t stuff this up people! Killing […]

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Autumn mornings, the best


We’ve all been inside, in iso for a while now. You’re all doing great. Really. The news tells me we are showing early signs of a flattening curve. Keep up the good work. Speaking of curves, there are not many waves today as we have a NE wind swell (1-2ft) and trailing NE wind. It’s […]

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Sarakiniko beach scene


We’re going on a holiday today, yep, you deserve it. Most of you have made it through a week, inside, isolating…well done! Today we’re visiting the beautiful island of Milos, Greece. It’s peak summer, windy…baking hot. The only place to be is swimming in the pristine waters that surround the island. There are sea caves […]

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Empty Bondi


I never thought I’d write these words, but Bondi Beach is closed to the public. All the ramps have large fences erected, surfers are being called out of the water and there’s a large police presence. I was getting worried on Friday afternoon when 25,000 people came down to Bondi – disregarding the social distancing […]

Maroubra, lucky timing with the backwash and light

Social Distancing

Since the invention of the smartphone we’ve been practising ‘social distancing’. We’re experts at it. Need food? Get Deliveroo to your sofa. Feeling lonely? DM a friend. Waiting for your coffee? scroll Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and email – simultaneously of course – don’t look up, ever. Walking to work? Put those dorky white airpod things […]

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Golden light this morning at 7am

Let’s talk…

We’ve got a lot to talk about today. Listen up. There’s a little wave on, it’s only waist high+ but it’s an exquisite autumn sunny day. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy today. The WSL just postponed all pro-surfing events for March because of the virus. Wow. Over in Manly they’re gonna complete the Sydney Surf […]

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