I never thought I’d write these words, but Bondi Beach is closed to the public. All the ramps have large fences erected, surfers are being called out of the water and there’s a large police presence.

I was getting worried on Friday afternoon when 25,000 people came down to Bondi – disregarding the social distancing regulations. It was an enormous summer crowd, the lifeguards performed 30 rescues – typical of a big summers day.

It was getting out of control.

After they closed all the beaches over the weekend, the pubs and restaurants were rammed. Crazy! So from today, all dining-in food and beverage are shut down – takeaway still available.

Last night, one of my neighbours was even having a little party! What!@#?

Crazy times.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says schools will remain open across NSW but parents will now be encouraged to keep their children at home…if that’s possible in your situation.

In this emotional, touchy, scary time please be kind to one another – I’ve seen blow-ups on social media that have made me cringe. I’ve seen cars go through red lights and some pretty agro humans.

Stay positive and healthy.

The surf was onshore, 3ft. Don’t think you’re missing much out there.

The Aquabumps Gallery IS OPEN today, as the government has not closed retail. Being a very large gallery space, we rarely have more than 1 customer at a time anyway – so you’ll get plenty of space.

Stay safe.

:: uge

See Bondi completely empty - Video

Nice sunrise though! Just can't drive down there


Beach Lockdown


The defiant ones, Bondi Beach


No access to Bondi Beach


Message from our medical workers


From today: Takeaway only


North Bondi - shut


Wanna surf, the boys are knocking you back

How often to you see this? Empty Bondi Beach

Area closed


10 thoughts on “CLOSED

  1. Such crazy times.
    Thinking of you and your family.
    My father-in-law is a doctor in Milan. It’s horrific there. Glad we are finally taking action in Aus.
    I’ve moved my education business 100% online and it’s going well as so many teachers wanting work and parents desperate.
    Who do I contact re advertising on aquabumps? Wouldn’t mind doing an ad about Expand Education for your readers. Sending love to you all. Tory and Stefano (and Edo and Baia who you haven’t met!)

  2. Thanks for the post today Uge. As things start to get a bit chaotic its very reassuring to still have Aquabumps 🙂

    1. On behalf of Uge and the Team, thanks for the support, Neil.
      We’ll all get through this as long as we look after each other. our actions are critical right now.

  3. Yes your comments and photos of the deserted beach there at Bondi are sad reminder of what’s happening. Needed to happen though after last Friday. It will pass in the meantime be safe.
    Kinship and care.

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