Party time, Dolphin style, South Bondi 7:45am

Dolphin Mania

These photos from sunrise could break the internet…what a special kinda morning as the Annual Dolphin Convention gathers at South Bondi. Every direction I looked, I could see dolphins frolicking amongst the surfers. Rarely do you see so many for so long! Remember these shots from Tamarama last year, as we were locking down for […]

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"Spirituality" Tamarama. March 19, 2020


I was shooting Bronte, the mood was OK, people are still going about their morning rituals with a sense of caution. Around 7:45 am an enormous pod of dolphins darted around the point from Bondi – thrusting in the air, bombarding the lineup. They put on the most incredible show – it was kinda like […]

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Electrifying! NSW country clarity


Yes…still away from Bondi. After documenting the same beach for 17 years it’s pretty important to get out on the open road. Australia is blessed with countless idyllic beaches where the sand is white and the oceans are crystal clear. Lucky, aren’t we? Surfers – should be a trickle of small south swell all week, […]

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The forecasted storm only just hit. (10:40am) It’s 35 knots of howling wind ripping Sydney apart. I look out the window and can see junk blowing down my street. The pram just blew over with my 16 month old son Jet in it. He’s ok, no need to call DOCs. This morning at sunrise it […]

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Good morning. I am back from Kiwiland (thanks Cuzis) and pleasantly greeted with a new south swell. Bondi was a bit out of control (that means it’s above head high) and Bronte played host to some decent 4-5 footers. Looks like all that wind that blew yesterday stirred up some fruit. If you are not […]

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The onshore marathon continues. Bondi had a small group of surfers out this morning – huddling close together – maybe closer together than normal. They weren’t really catching anything worth writing about…3 foot mush burgers – so you’re missing nothing down here at the beach. Tomorrow is a different story, these nemesis onshores are meant […]

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