Bondi Beach, 7:30am today - pack of dolphins in the bay


The forecasted storm only just hit. (10:40am) It’s 35 knots of howling wind ripping Sydney apart.

I look out the window and can see junk blowing down my street. The pram just blew over with my 16 month old son Jet in it. He’s ok, no need to call DOCs.

This morning at sunrise it was still relatively calm and in control…not now. Gotta love a big storm.

There was a wave earlier – fun one, overhead high. Small pack braving the wobbly conditions and new swell.

Huge pack of dolphins came into the bay and hung around the whole time I was down there. They’re not scared of humans that’s for sure…coming in close to drop in on a few.

It’s going to get big and it’s not surfable around here.

If you are running the City to Aquabumps Gallery run on Sunday, come see us. We will be here. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach.

Seeya, :: uge

Post wave spray

Love those lefts

Swells up, little wonky early, blown out now

Sun worship

Fiery drop in

Surf check, see all those lines...plenty

9 thoughts on “Gusty

      1. Well Eduardo, if you were a surfer you would recognise that that wave is going nowhere…and would be ashamed that you actually took off (and for the other bloke) dropped in on that wave.
        i would buy it in shame so no one else saw it.

  1. Love the photographs, awesome colour in the fiery drop in, I can feel the salt spray ….. being a biologist – it is more correct to refer to a group of dolphins is called a ‘pod’.

    1. Learn how to make a sentence before trying to be smart, “it is more correct to refer to a group of dolphins is called a ‘pod’.” seriously?

  2. Get a life Sull…..part of the uge charm is his depiction of events taking place regardless of poddos…….get yrself a tinny or something……..u rock Uge-bring it on…..!

  3. Bert, if you had any brains you would have realised I was replying to Jet’s comment on “Post wave spray” not commenting on “Fiery drop in”.

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