Bondi gets packed out with C2S


By the time you read this update I will be on an early flight across the desert to the red dirt and warmer temperatures of Broome, WA.

Last week was a good one for shooting pics, well before that big storm hit. Plenty of good light, calm conditions and sunrise colour.

Here’s 7 shots that didn’t make it onto the main site last week. Plenty don’t and get racked out the back in TerabyteVille.

The swell is rogue and onshore…head to double head high – that’s all. Should fine up this week by Tuesday.
Good surf days – Tuesday and Wednesday for this week. Winds are going to calm right down after terrorizing Sydney for the last few days.

I’ve heard Broome breaks, sometimes…well I am going to investigate the little Pearl Town.

:: uge

The mob from the City to Surf rolling down Campbell Parade

That sunrise the other day was real good.

Bondi Paddling with friends

You know there is north in the swell when it pounds Icebergs

Metallic edges


3 thoughts on “B-Sides

  1. Bondi paddling with friends pic
    -it’s amazing seeing friendly dolphins around=)

    -beautiful colours….Wow=)

  2. Hey Uge, my uncle used to patrol Eighty Mile Beach when he lived at Coconut Well in Broome. Middle Lagoon (next to Coconut Well) fills up at high tide and on a king tide, longboarders would surf all the way to the end of the lagoon. It’s a great sight – makes for great shots. Hope the tides are working for you…

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