Sunset camel walk from heli, Cable Beach, Broome WA


I’ve arrived at the pearl farming town of Broome today. Some 2,200 kilometers north of Perth and completely the opposite side of Australia to Sydney. It’s summer here…yep…thawing out in the 32-degree heat whilst checking out the main beach, Cable Beach.

Cable Beach was named in honour of the Java-to-Australia undersea telegraph cable, which connects us to the rest of the world. It’s a big beach and the best way to view all 22 km’s of it is in a R44 chopper (or Camel back). Apparently it gets surf after major cyclones pass – I’ve seen photos of it cranking – but not today.

Can’t believe the water colours…mind blowing. Oh and the water temp is something like 25 degrees – warmer than a spa.

Back home in Sydney it looks to be a corker with good small waves. Best get down there. Tomorrow should be fun too.

It’s race day here, Broome Cup this week. Seeya punters :: uge

The 4wd convention on the beach, West Cable Beach Broome

Cable Beach, Broome - the deep green hues

Cable Beach, Broome - lots of beach - 22 kms in fact

The love their 4wds here

Cable Beach, Broome. Named after the telegraph lines that link to Java

The famous camels of Broome, WA

13 thoughts on “Broome

  1. Shame that they ruin the beach with all of the crappy 4×4 trucks. Think of all of the oil and grease and damage to marine life these pinheads do when driving on a beach. So sad… :o(

  2. I love you photo’s, I have been to Broome and would have loved to get shots like these. Great work, keep them coming.

  3. I hope you have your license from Casa to be taking these shots. If it drops out of the sky and hits somebody, you risk killing them.

    1. We were in a full sized r44 helicopter charter – but thanks for your rather dramatic comment.

      FYI – there were 10-20 people on the beach that is 22 km’s long – even if the octo was out, the chances of hitting someone are virtually impossible.

  4. Hi,
    Having been on that coastline a few times…..hope you go up cape laveque to photograph. Beagle bay and so many beautiful spots. Also down south to barn hill, beautiful sunsets and rock formations.

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