Sleds ready for riding

Black Friday

It’s black Friday. I bet you’re hoping we’re offering storewide discounts of 95% off, free shipping and a set of steak knives. Nah, sorry, not today. We’re predominantly a made-to-order business so we’ll leave those dramatic sale emails to the other retailers. My inbox is full of them! It was dark down the beach though. […]

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Andrej Kowalski does airs on foamies, for real

Colourful Fridays

A lot was going on down at Bondi this morning. In fact that’ an understatement. It was a crazy combination of some of the best waves we’ve had all week, Friday (so everyone comes down), warm bath-like water, decent sunrise and One Wave (Fluro Fridays) 6th Birthday – busy! Good to see a little kick […]

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G’day. From humble, grey beginnings today has transformed into a magic day. Currently 27 and sunny I’d suggest heading to the beach – now – before it morphs again into thunderstorms…like the past few days. Quite unpredictable weather at the moment. The surf is a flop. NE micro swell backing out knee high waves. I […]

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Chain Gang

If you like deserted beaches and empty line ups – today is not for you. Today is World Mental Health Day so the Fluro Friday guys got down there in mass and made a shoreline chain…wow, huge turn out. Great effort. There were small waves on offer, waist to chest high on sets…some really fun […]

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