Sticking ya neck out.


G’day. From humble, grey beginnings today has transformed into a magic day.

Currently 27 and sunny I’d suggest heading to the beach – now – before it morphs again into thunderstorms…like the past few days.

Quite unpredictable weather at the moment.

The surf is a flop. NE micro swell backing out knee high waves.

I had some fun shooting close ups portraits of the shorey.

This time of year is really good fun in the Aquabumps Gallery. So many people flowing through the doors from all over the world. Just remember if you want to give someone framed artwork for Christmas our order deadlines are looming :

  • Picking up from the Bondi Gallery on the 20/21 Dec? You must have your order to us by Sunday 14th Dec
  • Picking up from the Bondi Gallery on Christmas Eve 24th Dec? You must have your order to us by Wednesday 16th Dec

If you’re overseas buy an unframed print and we will get it to your quick smart, via Fedex, in time for Chrissie.

View our online image archives or head into Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW Hotline 02 9130 7788 Lost?

Ok, seeya :: uge

Bondi Jelly

Nice Bondi curls

Solveig finding the temperature in the water dropped a little (19 degrees)

Matt getting burnt by a tube hungry Joel


Swim time, Bondi Beach

A human missile clearing a path

Like a Roo in the headlights, KJ Roonie

Just had to chuck in a body surfing shot

These Friday things are getting weird

bassike x aquabumps - we've got some more stock 1 hour ago!

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