Bondi broken skies around 7am

Giant Folds

Big swells are wasted around here. We don’t have the proper infrastructure to make it break in a rideable fashion when it gets over head-high. Such a shame, ’cause there’s virtually NO wind and conditions are optimal. Somewhere with a reef would be cooking right now. It’s a dead south swell at 180 degrees, so […]

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Not often do you see Bondi this flat. 7am


It is so rare for Bondi to be this flat, swell-less and calm. Typically there’s always something moving. Not today. It’s cool, though; 18-26 knots of chilling westerlies will ensure you’ll keep your jumper on for most of today—beautiful clear skies to match. Finally, Thredbo is a mountain of white after a late start to […]

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Bondi 6:30am today, Mr. NBN/Magnums

Bondi Colours

I was up early, fossicking in the dark, stalking sunrise colours. It paid off as the clouds over Benny B got lit! I had the 16-bit 100-megapixel medium format beast blazing as the morning progressed through the different lighting stages. On the beach, waves were breaking around the waist to shoulder high. It looked pretty […]

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Kerry amongst the morning light dance

Rinse Aid

After a weird and hell-stormy Monday, we have entirely the opposite – glary sunshine, warmer waters and a tiny, minuscule, grovelly 1 foot waves. The conditions were so small even my 20-kilo tyke was calling it too small. Amazing day in Sydney – total bluebird. Get outside. We’ve still got books to giveaway – free […]

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Wal and his frontside whip


After a chilly, sunny morning the skies have darkened and here’s the rain we all know too well. I saw decent waves, leftovers from the last swell, at sunrise. It was a bit funky, as the beach has had a lot of sand movements in recent weeks. There’s literally no sand left in the southern […]

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The nose riding Frenchman


It was a damn fine morning down the beach: calm, little or no wind. Water was an incredible 21.7°C – just right for a boardies and bikinis surf. Sun’s out – not a cloud in sight. Crowds were off the hook. The beach was pumping with fitness gurus, meditators, yoga bendies, squads, surfers, swimmers, early […]

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Cloudy skies, wolf pack waiting. Bondi Beach


Even though the surf was dribbly and without push, it was a fun vibe in the water.  Firstly, it’s warm in the brine – 23+ degrees. The warmest time of year to swim, so get into it. Secondly, there’s good banks and the odd 1-2 foot had a loggers wall spilling to the beach. I […]

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Rain at Icebergs

Onshore Greys

The weatherman actually got it right today – heavy onshores with grey skies. Much cooler temps after a hot, beachy Monday. Onshore Bondi looks ugly but can be entertaining as 3-4 footers broke in the middle with some sufficiently clean faces to dance on. The best bit, the crowd – barely anyone out or on […]

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One way to wake up, a splash at Icebergs


I was just about to write “An abundance of sunshine this morning – how good – as the forecast was for rain rain rain” – and then, it poured. Bucketed. Only for a minute. Enough for you to rethink your outdoor plan for today. It’s going to be a fickle week, mostly wet and onshore. […]

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Uncle Joel, 1st light carves


Spending time down the beach at the moment is a blissful experience. The water is so warm; it’s like a bath. Ok, let’s ignore the plague of Bluebottles for a moment. If you haven’t done so yet – go swim. Tomorrow we’ve got rain… The new ENE swell was meant to increase overnight, looks like […]

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Another amazing morning, Bondi beach


It was forecast to be small, but we were treated with a new solid SE groundswell. I saw waves well over head high on sets at sunrise. It’s still very straight, but hey, it’s breaking… It was a busy Bondi morning with everybody into their regular morning rituals. I’m always amazed at how many people […]

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Feeling nasally? Get tested. Bondi 7am

Friday Thrills

Make sure you enjoy today – because the weather is about to turn. Yep, another violent low will arrive over the weekend, bringing rain, wind and big destructive waves. How big? Big. Tuesday expect 10-12 footers at exposed beaches. But this monster swell is a little different to last weeks version – it’s got a […]

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We've come thru the other side - but will there be a second wave?

Friday Swims

Swimming with my camera is one of my favourite angles, as I’m a part of the action – very invigorating! Not many forms of photography allow you to be up so close and involved, ducking under curly lips, together, with my subjects. The banks are pretty awful for surfing (closeouts), but they’re super shallow, putting […]

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