Tamarama, 6:45am, grey and flat


Today we have a guest photographer, my grom Jet.

He’s only 3 years old but has probably spent more time around photography than most fully grown humans.

He’s traveled the world…Hawaii, Indo, Cook Islands, Manly.

Jet’s a wild man behind the lens…adopting the commonly used “SPRAY AND PRAY” technique. This unique technique involves holding down the shoot button for lengthy periods of time whilst waving around the lens, hoping he’d captured something interesting. It’s a bit like the movie Scarface where Al Pacino goes mad shooting in all directions.

Well…the little fella shot around 64 gig this morning with thousands of frames. That’s why this update is a little late…so many to sift through! He’s not mastered the computer yet – that’s the next step.

Soon you will find this cheeky little manic shooting in the water…soon.

The surf is non-existent. She’s hell stormy as well. A good day to do some work.

Kappa has done it again (Think The Wine Shop, Panama House, Corner House). His latest venue The Bondi Bowling Club on Warner’s Avenue, Bondi Beach. More


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Here's the wild man...Jet. Spraying frames.

Jet actually did shoot this image...swimmer cam

Rare opportunity

Wood is good

Jon Laurenson and his hairy upper lip

Tamarama Nope, nothing to see here...flat az...


This is not a good wave to surf

Wave of the day, Tama

The Ab tee bassike x Aquabumps collab tee...good xmas pressie

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