Oh yes, motorized foil boarding - it's a thing!

Dear Santa…

What’s on your Christmas wish list? A motorized foil board? A big east swell and offshore winds? Oh, I got it…an Aquabumps artwork from our gallery. Of course! We have plenty in-stock ready to go. Here are a few gift ideas: A long sleeve wettie jacket for summer from NCHE $170. Surfboard – 7s Double-Down summer […]

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Foil reef, South Bondi

Where’s Bob?

Another action-packed Friday morning down at Bondi Beach, Australia. Nah…no motorcades, no royal couples this Friday. The prince of the shaping bay was meant to come down, 74-year old Bob McTavish, but I think he must have got stuck in traffic or couldn’t find a park. So it was just me, the Fluro gang, Lifeguards, a […]

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They say the first rays of the days are good for your health


Geez, the waves turned on yesterday. It’s slowed right down today, but it’s still surfable. Beautiful sun filled morning with the enormous crew out for the early. Boogies, Mals, hungry short boarders – and yep, our resident foil boarder were all out – ready to send you to hospital. 4 per wave, leggies tangled…the full […]

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