1st sparks, Bondi.


Nothing like jumpin’ in the ocean to wake you up after travel. Especially when the northerlies have been blowing in Sydney and the water temps have plummeted to a cool 16.5 degrees. Yes, I know my Kiwi cuzies, 16.5 is a summer’s day for you guys, but over here in Sydney, that’s cool. Waves? yeah…a surfable […]

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Ejector, Bondi


Heaps of swell around from the SSE. Bondi came alive this morning with a constant supply. If only the banks were better… Combo this with North winds and you’ve got a fun day ahead (especially Mondays when everyone is chained to the cubicles). Here is your brief of what you need to know: Tiny surf […]

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Plume dance, Bondi Beach 7:20am

Fiery Plumes

After a couple days of rest, the thumpin’ swells are back. What a good supply! Flanking the mighty chunks we’ve got howling offshores, creating really interesting plumes. Good shooting fodder. Sadly the swell is TOO big for Bondi Beach. It’s maxed out, closing out. You need to surf elsewhere. :: uge

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A really nice moment as the sun rose

Turning on…

A nice morning to wake up to 6-foot waves in Sydney. The offshores are freezing though. Dress up for the occasion. It’s a south swell and a bit too big for Bondi, which was empty. Bondi can’t handle waves over head high – we need a reef for that. A few nooks and crannies around the […]

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Chris Chicken Little, set heaven

Four to Five

Well, Alluelia…looky what we have here today. S W E L L. The good stuff. Stuff from the south and around 4 foot. A small was crowd enjoying the fruits of a new swell at sunrise. The offshores were keeping it neat and tidy, and sometimes hollow. So good to see swell after a rather […]

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Not sure why this big ship came in so close today

Winter Light

In Winter the light is so much cleaner, crisper. In Summer we seem to get this hazy light, like a blurry filter over everything. Nah, not now. Not in July. I see crispy clean warm colours, everywhere I look. Anything looks good in this light. Anything. The Corona J-Bay Open is firing. Here is my […]

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Da 'bergs on da low tide


An almighty thick cloud blocked our light for most of the morning. There was lots of waiting around, waiting for it to come good. Around 8am it did just that. Golden light burst across the Bondi bay from North. Nice! Waves – yes, we’ve got head high closeouts. Some of Australia’s finest closeouts can be […]

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Chris Friend, frontside winter sun hacks

Crispy Clear

What a beautiful crispy morning. Nowhere near as cold as yesterday huh? A few layers still required. Bondi hosted waist to chest high waves. That’s a good size for Bondi. Any bigger and it tends to close out. I saw some fun runners on an incoming tide. Surfing forecast is for really small waves all […]

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Tombstones, Bondi Beach Australia


After a really cold start, things are starting to warm up. The winds are frosty offshore, it’s SO much warmer in the water than it is out. It felt like a bath. There is a right-hand rip bowl at South Bondi. It’s only 2 foot and heaps of water running out, so maintaining a relevant […]

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From the heavens


Today, I thought you might like something different. Maybe a 1-minute video version of my morning swim? All filmed this morning and edited in 17.5 mins. Watch now Good to see a little increase in swell around Sydney. It’s coming in from the South and around shoulder high. The incoming tide will push in head […]

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Andrew Weetman, morning speed blurs


I’m back in Bondi. Missed me huh? People often ask why I go to Indonesia so much. I made a rough little video that might shed some light on my attraction to the islands. Grab a cuppa and WATCH NOW (all shot and edited by a stills guy – so go easy!). The recent trip […]

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Pink thongs, Icebergs


Brrr, what a cold morning. My phone said it was 11 degrees before the sun rose, but the wind chill was much, much less. My guess, 8 degrees. At precisely 4:30 pm last night the swell leapt from flat to 3 foot. Today it’s smaller, mainly concealed by a 6:31 am high tide. Our little sand bank […]

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Gorillas in the mist, Bronte

Good on Paper

Today looks great on paper, offshore SSW winds with 4-6 foot south swell. Call me fussy…something is missing. The swell lines appear broken and random. The morning high tides are putting plenty of wobble in the faces and I didn’t see anyone catch fun waves. Maybe when the tide drops out, it will improve. I […]

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