Heaps of swell around from the SSE. Bondi came alive this morning with a constant supply. If only the banks were better…

Combo this with North winds and you’ve got a fun day ahead (especially Mondays when everyone is chained to the cubicles).

Here is your brief of what you need to know:

  • Tiny surf forecast for Friday’s SurfAid Cup – c’mon Huey. It will still be fun at Manly or Curly. We’ve raised $7,684.16 of our targeted $25,000. Thank you, Termi Kashi, Grazie to the 132 Aquabumps readers (from my 40,000) that have donated. You rip. It’s not too late if you wanna shed some bucks for our main charity, Surfaid (saving lives in Indonesia).
  • Filipe Toledo won Trestles in tiny surf against Jordy Smith. Shame there weren’t more waves in the final.
  • Is it me, or is the new Bondi Bike share just not working? I’m finding those new bikes everywhere around Bondi…and no one riding them. Comment here

:: uge

Ballerina and a stormie


Chris Little gorking at a pocket worth blasting, hit it!


Solid one in the middle


More beach erosion with all this swell and high tides, the red rocks showing


Tyson Millar training for this Friday's Surfaid cup


Golden bits


Get out there boiz!


Swell today! Hooray!


Icebergs rail getting a rinse on


South corner sans sand


17 thoughts on “Heaps

  1. Hi Uge, good snaps today. I wanted to comment on this bike share thing. It is not working. There are 3 bikes on the walking path between Bondi and Tama which have been there for at least 4 days. Not sure how they got up and down the stairs. They are red bikes. The bikes also fill up bike racks. I have had to move them a few times so I can park my bike in the racks. Very frustrated with how the councils could let this happen – particularly as it seems to be a market flooding exercise rather than a controlled integration.

    1. Thanks for commenting Nick.
      Isn’t there meant to be a bike share base? That’s what they do in NYC. A dedicated base. Actually, bases ALL over NYC.
      It seems people hire them, they have no idea where to put them and dump em all over Bondi.

      I’ll continue to document the random locations over the next few weeks.
      Someone is losing lots of cash!

      You are not meant to ride bikes on the Bondi boardwalk, on footpaths etc.
      There is barely anywhere to ride these days…the roads aren’t wide enough – not like, again, NYC where you have bike lanes.

  2. In theory, bike sharing is an excellent thing, especially in high density areas like Bondi and Waverley, where lots of trips can be short ones – down to the beach, over to the shops, up to the Junga, etc. But a station is needed. Too many bikes lying around and not propped up against things, so they fall over easily. Let’s lobby the council for a station at the beach, a station at the junction, a midway station and a few others over in north and south bondi. That might work. IT’s good to be using bikes as as sustainable form of local transport, getting cars off the roads, but let’s be sensible about it and make it work, not leave them lying around or vandals to wreck. A costly exercise.

  3. Uge, hope you got wet yesterday. Bronte had some meaty slabs over the HT. About these bikes: crazy huh. Looks like two schemes – the silver/yellow and the red. I’m not sure how the Red work, but the other have no bases. It’s a GPS system and they started in Surry hills. Hence if you see them in Bondi, it means tourists have ridden them out. Which is great right?! In Melbs they’ve had them longer than us and are having similar issues so we’ll see what happens here. It’s great that Syd has a system. But having no base, while cost effective, means they have spread like a virus which is both funny and perplexing at the same time… time will tell.

  4. It’s not just the eastern suburbs, they’re here on the north shore as well – even in leafy Roseville, which is hardly high-density. Totally random, you see them in the oddest locations, and no-one knows anything about them.

  5. Absolutely love them. More fun and cheaper than an Uber. Great concept. Bondi has one problem. Fun to ride into, cant ride out because they have only one gear. So the bike companies just need to take them back out once in a while.

  6. Hey Uge – I am the girl in this pic – ‘More beach erosion with all this swell and high tides, the red rocks showing’… Would love a copy of it 🙂 Would love to re-post it on my @Aquabates 😉

  7. The bikesharing works for me. Here’s what i do: bike pickup from rlnear my place , driving it to bondi bitch, dump it at the bitch ,go to pub and get pissed, after all i pickup a random yellow bike and drive it to my place. Dump the bike. Thanks to council for the bike , also i’ve lost control of it and fell to the grass last night, but im ok thanks for the helmet .

  8. There are heaps of them at Bronte. Never seen anybody ride them.I can`t see any gears on them so you would find it very hard to ride up hills. A complete waste of money.

  9. Agreed – I don’t think the bike sharing is working in Sydney! There were a few articles around when it was first introduced in Sydney, and it referenced how it’d already failed poorly in other cities around the world. Bikes were trashed and there were photos to prove. I’d recommend looking up @browncardigan on Instagram to see the video they posted just today of someone pushing one of the bikes into the river in Melbourne! Barring this example, I think bike sharing only works when you have to lock it back in the ‘bike stations’ around the city – like in NYC, Toronto, Montreal etc – and only then does it stop charging people. Keeps people accountable and at least keeps the bikes neat in a known position to collect / drop off.

  10. There has been a red one at the Sydney Intl airport freight area for a week now !! Suppose if you have a plane to catch it’s a cheap way to the airport !!

  11. Has been a red one left for a week at Sydney international airport freight area now !! Suppose a cheap way to get to the airport , would be quicker than driving somedays !!

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