Mitch Reimer, covered. Bondi 7:30am


It had a lotta potential this morning; I felt the high tide (7:30am) was drowning it though. There’s plenty of wobble and backwash to contend with. Every now and then a little nugs will hit the bank correctly – making it fun. Thanks to Ex Cyclone Dovi – we’ve had a magnificent supply of swell […]

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Felix Ettelson - sparks

High Performance

The surf was on so all of Bondi’s finest shredders were up for the early. It was quite a display of high-performance surfing. I was busy today, reos on the rights, airs on the shorey, carves on the lefts. It was a very active lineup with consistent waves around head-high. At dawn I began in […]

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Training group, first light

High Key

Velvety gold rays strung out across the bay this morning; the kinda light I love to shoot. Everything looks good, draped in gold. It’s even more of a treat when I was expecting a fully clouded sky and junkie ocean this morning. It’s clean and head-high, that howling southerly has passed on by. Both sandbanks were […]

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Rain at Icebergs

Onshore Greys

The weatherman actually got it right today – heavy onshores with grey skies. Much cooler temps after a hot, beachy Monday. Onshore Bondi looks ugly but can be entertaining as 3-4 footers broke in the middle with some sufficiently clean faces to dance on. The best bit, the crowd – barely anyone out or on […]

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Tyson Millar, throwing the big frame around at South

Dawn Currents

Our constant supply of East swell got a spruce up this morning. I saw waves over head high at Bondi, but around the corner at exposed beaches will be much, much bigger. Nice! I choose to swim with my camera, which proved difficult as the rip currents were on turbo, not allowing me to connect […]

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Oasis in the desert


The heat from the weekend was stifling – wasn’t it? Today’s cooling southerly is a pleasant sight. Saturday night was the hottest November evening on record – not dipping below 25. I would even say it was too hot to go to the beach on Saturday! What? Yeah, the early forties can make you very […]

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Sunrise, small break in clouds


There’s room for improvement let’s say. I was hoping for a colour spray sunrise, but it was kind of a fizzer by winter’s standards.  Bondi’s surf has been lacking lately due to the unfavourable alignment of sand.  The shorey was full of weed, but a few hardcore frothers were out – hungry – hunting – as […]

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Tyson, our gallery manager, at it again


Today’s the first post from Autumn, yep, summers’s over. A sigh of relief throughout the rural areas with a bushfire threat. It’s still pretty hot as we climb to 32 degrees today. Sensational Bondi morning with gentle West offshores and a new south groundswell. I think the winds will go onshore around 3pm, so an […]

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Rain coming...

Road Kill

I nearly got run over by a car twice this morning on my way to the Aquabumps HQ. That’s not a bad morning really, sometimes it’s more. The first time was someone running a stop sign on Gould, the other was 100 metres on…where crosswalks seem to mean floor it and try to collect something […]

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Loggin' in for the morning, Bondi


It was another calm, warm, sunny morning down at Bondi. Waves are limping in around 1-2 foot with a few banks putting on a mal wave. The beach was packed before sunrise, which is now rising late (6:40am). Some decent colour patches in the skies as many grabbed a coffee and watched the new day […]

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Nils just hanging in there


After days and days of swell, it’s gone small. Shows over. We’ve all had such a good time out there recently, the shoulders are sore and the work is piling up. Of course, Bondi is still surfable with chest-high sets limping into the bay. Winds are currently 12 knots from the north and the swell […]

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Breaking news, Icebergs is a crime scene

The Keg Thief

The Icebergs was shut down this morning. It’s a crime scene, apparently, there was a break-in at 3 am last night – I was hoping they ran off with that freshly built ugly addition to the entrance! No luck there. Maybe just a few a kegs for thirsty backpackers? Who knows. Everyone was a little […]

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New Caledonia Movie


That’s a wrap on our New Caledonia trip, I’m back in Bondi today. If you’re chasing blue water, damn, it’s Fluro blue in New Caledonia. I thought that colour water only existed in the Maldives. New Cal is much closer (2hrs40mins to be exact)! Watch this video summary of our time there… Watch New Cal […]