Wal and his frontside whip


After a chilly, sunny morning the skies have darkened and here’s the rain we all know too well. I saw decent waves, leftovers from the last swell, at sunrise. It was a bit funky, as the beach has had a lot of sand movements in recent weeks. There’s literally no sand left in the southern […]

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Solid sunrise this morning at Bondi

On it.

I think you already know (as the beach was packed this a.m.), there were some pretty fun surf conditions. Bondi was operating on two sandbanks, and hundreds of frothers flocked to the water for their salty dose. I saw plenty of waves over head-high, some wash through sets. I wore a steamer as I find […]

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Broke a fin, bust and air, Tom Cole


The 8 am Dolphin Bondi show was cancelled, not a Flipper in sight at sunrise. It was amusing how many people came down in the hope to see another Dolphin festival – doesn’t happen every day aye…I’m down there every day. This morning was quite unusual. Hear me out. In the south end, we had […]

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Crew! Bondi Beach

Pump / Dump

Hey hey!  It’s just like yesterday, but bigger. We’ve had an excellent run of weather and waves over the past couple of weeks. The water remains a very comfortable 22ish degrees…the Gold Coast was 25 on the weekend! The swell is on the decline and will get smaller for the rest of the week. There’s […]

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Water is still warm - get in! Bondi 7:40am


A pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. I’ve seen plenty like this, subtle colours at sunrise, slight onshore, 2-foot waves and a busy beach full of exercise maniacs. After writing approximately 6,000 of these posts, sometimes I get a bit stumped. Today is one of those days! The next time you’ll find waves is […]

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Big crowds, big swells and big offshore winds

Viva La Bondi

The 24 hours that preluded this mornings windy southerly was epic. It was paradise; the waves were great – winds gentle, and the sun was in great abundance. Yesterday and part of this morning were mega beach days… At about 9 am this morning, a 20-knot southerly hit, ruining all the fun, but it’s not […]

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The Italian, edging in

Get Wet

Finally a morning without rain. Well, kinda. Sorta. It was weird, I was shooting a glorious sunrise, but it was still spitting. As I type out this riveting editorial, I can see sunshine dance through the skylight of AB-HQ. Party time! It’s been a good week of NE swell and many have filled their wave […]

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Christopher Chicken Little


What a nice morning in Sydney. Perfectly sunny, chilly and a new south swell to boot! Bondi was attracting waves over head-high this morning, and it looked like it was growing. The swell should peak today. A bulldozer has started work on the north end, moving sand back into the ocean from the recent swell […]

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Rain coming...

Road Kill

I nearly got run over by a car twice this morning on my way to the Aquabumps HQ. That’s not a bad morning really, sometimes it’s more. The first time was someone running a stop sign on Gould, the other was 100 metres on…where crosswalks seem to mean floor it and try to collect something […]

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Alex McKendrick up from Cronulla ripping some Bondi froth this morning


Well hello, new south swell. It’s arrived with heaps of grunt. At 7:30 am today, Bondi was hosting well overhead high waves and clean offshores. That rip I’ve been talking about was complete madness – gushing out to sea at a rate of knots. Offshore for most of today, but a NE will blow late […]

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Prickly Silver-back, Bondi


The moons have aligned, the winds have calmed, the seas have settled. Bondi was looking pretty tasty at sunrise with hollow opportunities running on multiple banks. But…as the tide flooded in, quality dropped and it looks very straight now. (Which is confusing as normally high tide has better waves). So there was a little window […]

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Wal, ducking and weaving, Bondi Beach

5.8 degrees

Geez, it was a cold morning. Just before the sun rose, it was 5.8 degrees. That offshore wind had a bit on it. The week of waves continues. It looks like we’ve got a mix of old east swell and new south swells. It was quite messy and fat this morning at Bondaka. The winds […]

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Ed Cunningham, single fin, set wave, rake

⚡Bonus Sections

Well…hello. What’s this? A little spike in swell? Bondi had fun waves around the shoulder high range this morning. Very slow and inconsistent, but worthy of a surf. It’s from the dead south – so Bondaka would be showing the most fruit. Chilly 10 knots of westerly will freeze the tootsies on the way back […]

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