Ed Cunningham, single fin, set wave, rake

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Well…hello. What’s this? A little spike in swell? Bondi had fun waves around the shoulder high range this morning. Very slow and inconsistent, but worthy of a surf. It’s from the dead south – so Bondaka would be showing the most fruit. Chilly 10 knots of westerly will freeze the tootsies on the way back […]

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Morning rituals, Icebergs, Bondi Beach


The mornings are getting warmer and the crowds growing as we slide in summer. Bondi is nuts in summer. Just watch the TV show! To my surprise, we have half decent waves in Bondi this morning. Its a junkie confused ocean, a lil’ onshore, with swell coming in from all directions, but there’s a head high […]

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Probably one of the most photographed pool corners in the world


No Royal couples, no wind (yet), not really any waves…but yes, we have sunshine! Ah yes, Bondi’s back to its usual spring pattern. The 7:30am high tide was killing it for surfers. Waves limped into the south facing Bondi whilst it was waaaay too full for Tama. Lower tides will be more promising. If you’re coming to […]

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Morning light, little waves, coming together


The claws of winter run deep this morning. It’s that west wind. Whenever it’s around, it penetrates! When the old salty sea dogs are coming out of the water, red-faced and complaining, you know it’s cold. Waves – finally the swell drought is broken with a few head high waves. Oh boy, it’s been a while. […]

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Disco jiving under the lip


It’s been quite an amazing week for surf…and Bondi has some great little banks. The swell is smaller today but there is still a head high wave out there. Suns out too. If you’re shackled to your office cubicle, don’t worry, there is a new swell coming tonight. You’ll get some. Plenty of options. I […]

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Sometimes there's a ripbowl in front of this sign, not today


Today’s one of those days where you can’t quite make out what’s going to happen. It’s volatile. I’ve visited the beach a few times, and it has always been something different. This morning, I sat around in the darkness, waiting for some light to shoot. There were waves, but even the ocean looks confused between a […]

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Nice colourful start to the day


Today was a pretty stock standard morning down at Bondi. We had some colour at sunrise, albeit brief. The onshore winds are persisting and are ruining your surfing options. Swell is from the south and showing 3-4 footers at Bondaka. Crowd levels low. It looks like the weather has finally reached Autumn levels; cooler mornings […]

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Single Fin Classic on tomorrow at Bondi (these are the prizes)

Single Fin

No waves, today, just yet. NE swell coming with some fresh NE winds today. Maybe later. Sun poked out for a bit. The Bondi Single Fin Classic is on tomorrow. At the time of writing, there are 4 spots left in the opens and 5 spots in the grand masters (over 50s). The master’s division […]

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Beau Walker ripping the lip off a South Bondi bowl

Turbo Lefts

The planets finally lined up and the surf has come to the party. Bondi had some super fun waves and a massive morning crowd. Very difficult to snag a wave sans shoulder huggers. Light winds, 3 footers and a warm day ahead. Enjoy it, as tomorrow is cold and 19. The swell is fading fast, I […]

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Ian Wallace, one of the oldest groms on the beach


The swell has gone NE and Bondi is lacking. The great thing about Sydney is that we have beaches that face all kinds of directions, so if you just pop over the hill you will find something breaking. Tamarama had a few nuggets on the low tide. The tide is filling up now so I […]

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Ben Buckler looking like 'Chopes this morning

A Surf Day…

Today is built for surfing, here’s why: The conditions have cleaned up, waves breaking 4-6 foot The winds are offshore all day, NW then W It’s a Monday – so there are not many people in the water In other news: Mentawai surf charter boat Star Koat ran aground over the weekend and our buddies […]

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Wild horses at Bondi Beach Australia!


The swell has finally kicked and the winds are a gentle SW offshore. Bingo! It’s starting to get a bit big for our fickle Bondi sand banks, but there’s a few worth riding earlier today. Out the back is quite fat, shoreys looked super hollow and fun. Waves in the 4-5 foot range (10am). It […]

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Bronte Pool, Saturday 4th Feb

2 Percent

Well, wasn’t that a busy beach weekend with hot weather, small waves and little wind. Such steamy days…best enjoyed hugging the coastline. Bondi was rammed yesterday. Tamarama and Bronte same same. People visit Bondi and must think it’s always like that – absolute chaos. The amazing thing is those busy days are about 2 percent of […]

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