Ex-Bondi, Brett Anderson kicking into the morning sun. Maroubra 7am

Golden Treats

What a fantastic day to be in Sydney. Superb weather, offshore winds and 3-4 foot waves. Swell is now coming from the SE, lighting up most beaches. I bet your local had something… If you can’t get down the beach today, don’t stress. The forecast looks quite healthy for the next week. More 3 foot/offshore […]

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Coogee baths, sunrise this morning


Well, well…I’m back in town, and the incredible Autumn conditions prevail. How nice! We’re talking perfect NW offshores, building east swells and glorious sunshine. This morning I left the postcode to wander through 2034 and 2035, (that’s Coogee and Maroubra’s postcode). Everyone is up early and enjoy the good run of warm weather and water. […]

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Max Coleman, dusting off


It’s offshore and the crowd goes wild! Everyone has hit the beach this morning to get involved. I drove past most of the beaches in the East, and there was a pack of wolves, hunting the morning swells. I hope you got some. Summary – it’s 3-4 foot, swell direction is ESE so plenty of […]

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DK, reef huggers


It was so good to see some sunshine this morning. Celebrate it! It wasn’t so good to have onshore SSE winds. The 4-5 footers are looking pretty rough, windblown, and random. At 4 am tomorrow it will swing offshore to SW though…now that’s exciting, I would expect tomorrow to be fun. Bondi SurfAid Cup On […]

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Blake Thornton connecting nicely on a north wind swell

Grey Suits

The shark alarm cleared North Maroubra this morning around 6am. Rumor has it, there is a friendly shark looking for a few mates in the lineup. He’s been around all week the local boys tell me. Do you get out when you hear the alarm? Comment here. With a new north wind swell, there are a […]

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Drive thru

I drove from Maroubra to Bondi this morning hunting waves and light. Even though there is plenty of swell there wasn’t really anything breaking well. Didn’t see anyone get a good wave. A brief spark of colour at sunrise got things going, but rain and grey now dominate the landscape. A good day to be […]

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5th nice morning in a row, especially at the beach. Even better when the sky is full of colour. Hope you got down there. Small swell, mostly from the south. Bit of fun to be had. Over the weekend the swell will switch back to a ENE direction. Maroubra Big Wave freak Mark Mathews returned […]

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Mondays are a favourite. The weekend’s crowds have dispersed, the beach is quiet. Monday’s are even better with waves (4-5 foot)! So many options today with a East swell. Empty line ups everywhere. Head to your local beach and there will be something for ya. :: uge

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Good morning. Guten morgen. Buongiorno.  早上好 Fine looking morning outside. Finally the sun broke free of the smothering morning clouds. There is a small East swell on offer. Beaches facing that direction will have a little chest to head high wave this morning. Some sweet little peaks around the ‘hood. Nice and glassy with little […]

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