Early fog, 1st light, burnt orange

The Steamroom

It’s been a steamy 24 hours in Sydney. Very muggy, and sticky. Today we woke to a thick layer of fog, blanketing most beaches. The water is fresh, and as I type this it’s just started to rain. If you didn’t get down the beach for a swim earlier, your window has now shut. Rain […]

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Lifeguard, ex QS surfer - Blake Thornton


After days of onshore, it’s was clean this morning. As I write this post, the winds are swinging from the SW to the N. The beaches (all East beaches) were packed as everybody has been holed up at home, hiding from the rain. A cracker day ahead. 23 degrees. I like those digits. For the […]

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Good morning Tamarama


It’s been a tough week for us surfers due to a lack of swell. I bet there are some cranky pant foam riders reluctantly working from home‚Ķlooking very detached in their zoom calls. I bring good news; next week has plenty of swell – but also plenty of onshore wind (and rain). I don’t care, […]

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The start of today


What another magic spring day outside as the mercury creeps up to 27 degrees. The water is frigid, I got an icecream headache after my first dunk. Yesterdays howling northerlies reeking havoc with our water temps again! This morning we have grooming westerlies and a small NE swell. At East facing beaches, there are waves […]

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Grayson Hinrichs on the morning shred


A bit of crank to the bump this morning. Some fresh East swell and our beaches are lovin’ the tweak in direction. It’s head high and clean. The WFH’s (Working From Home’s) were out in full force, Sydney’s surf beaches are rammed! I’m not just talking surfing – but anything outdoors. The surf forecast for […]

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Birds flying south, Maroubra


A special kind of morning with an abundance of sunshine, gentle offshores and a small chugging nor-east swell. I decided to roam the local neighbourhood, looking for untrodden territory for Aquabumps. I found myself loitering around the Coogee – Maroubra region. Like Bondi, Coogee’s coastal walks were choccas as the WFH revolution continues. Nobody seems […]

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Maroubra, lucky timing with the backwash and light

Social Distancing

Since the invention of the smartphone we’ve been practising ‘social distancing’. We’re experts at it. Need food? Get Deliveroo to your sofa. Feeling lonely? DM a friend. Waiting for your coffee? scroll Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp and email – simultaneously of course – don’t look up, ever. Walking to work? Put those dorky white airpod things […]

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Blake Thornton, in the back of the bat cave

It’s on.

I have to confess, standing on the beach shooting can be torturous when your mates are scoring barrels out front. Today’s got waves, real good ones. It’s offshore all-day and a salubriously sunny, exquisite summer’s day. Swell is fading, and will be much smaller on dark. But…boom! There’s a fresh swell arriving tomorrow flanked with […]

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Blake Thornton, all powered up and chucking buckets, Maroubra


The moment you’ve been waiting for, winds have gone calm, the rain has stopped – it’s here! The storm has passed and left us a chunky ENE swell. Toot toot! The Maroubra crew were putting on a clinic amongst solid 4-6 foot waves. It was quite unruly, but there’s certainly diamonds out there. I imagine […]

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Ah yes, an offshore wind – how good is it! So good to see clean water surfaces return to Sydney after a week of onshore¬†blasting. The clear skies aren’t too bad either. The waves dropped quite a lot overnight, but there is still a head high bump out there. Yesterday arvo was the sess, winds […]

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Grayson Hinrichs, frontside blow tail with tweak


It was so good to have a few waves this morning. Sets were up around head-high and it was clean and offshore very early. We’ve got a destructive southerly in town now, and it looks like the leftover NE swell has dropped a few gears – so if you didn’t paddle out early, it looks […]

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Nugget drivers, Blake Thornton


Holy smokes, it’s turned orrn overnight…just not at Bondi. Bondi looks terrible and neglecting the primary ENE swell source. Loads of other northern exposed beaches have 4 foot plus waves with clean grooming offshores. Booya! I only shot one surfer this morning, Blake Thornton, as he was the only one out! It looked a bit […]

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Da Cube, Maroubra


Felt very cold this morning. Much colder than other June mornings. My phone was calling it 7 degrees, but sitting on a wet rock, shooting, before sunrise it felt much colder. Fingers went numb. It was good to see the swell is hanging around. I saw 3-4 footers this morning, clean too! Gotta love this […]

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