Cold offshores and chunky waves, Bronte


It’s still big, just not as big. We’ve got a well positioned low hanging off our coastline, feeding Sydney with heaps of goodies. Ah winter swells, gotta love ’em. The 21-knot-bitterly-cold offshores will make you feel alive this morning. The water remains warm and double head high waves are frequently found. The crowds are minimal […]

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Noah's, South Bondi split


The calm before the storm. All still, neat, organised at sunrise this morning. At 12 pm I write to you and it’s now hooooooowwling 30 knots of Nor-west winds. If there were swell, it would’ve been blown out to sea by now. The next time you will be surfing is this Thursday/Friday. Don’t expect stand up […]

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Funky Cold Medina

Heeeyaa. The surf was rubbish this morning. Robin reckons there is a left in the corner, but I couldn’t see it with all the junk and chop. Slight onshore conditions this morning which will kick around to ENE today, may get cleaner, but there is no guts to this swell – weak as…lots of flappin’. […]

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