Nice light over the shipping lanes this morning

Funky Cold Medina

Heeeyaa. The surf was rubbish this morning. Robin reckons there is a left in the corner, but I couldn’t see it with all the junk and chop. Slight onshore conditions this morning which will kick around to ENE today, may get cleaner, but there is no guts to this swell – weak as…lots of flappin’.

Little Brazilian Gabriel Medina won France late last night in the final with Julian Fly Boy Wilson. That’s pretty amazing …why? Well for a start the grom is only 17. He wasn’t even born when Slater won his first title. He’s also the new kid on the tour and when I shot him early in the year at Bondi my jaw dropped. The amount of speed he could create from absolutely nothing was amazing. He’s a wizkid and you’ll be hearing much more about little Medina in the future. You should really watch the highlights from France, the beachie conditions were perfect for the aerial young guns and some of the stuff they’re doing these days is just – erm, insane.

Looks like there was a mutiny at Noah’s Backpackers last night. Some angry travellers decided to burn it down (or at least try too) in the wee hours. The word on Campbell Parade is that a group was given the boot about a month ago – and they’ve come back for revenge burning sheets on the front steps. Apparently the sprinklers went off – nice way to wake up on your holiday! I think Bondi Silly Season has begun…

Later :: uge

Noah's Backpackers fire this morning

Icebergs hooks

New joint, 34 degrees south.

Robin's left.

Tamarama SLSC sunrise flare around 6:30am

Loop de loop

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  1. uge
    whats up man. I hope nobody got hurt in the fire. you never know what kind of @#&%*&)*%#$&*(*& the tide will bring in with it.
    thanx for the bumps

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