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A lot of surf photographers use fisheye lenses when shooting in the drink as it can make barrels look wide and you can get up nice’n’snug with your subject (hopefully someone riding high in the bat cave or a nice empty cavity). I like shooting fisheye as I feel a part of the action. Standing on the beach with a long lens can be pretty lame. Shootin’ fisheye has it’s disadvantages though – you have to be SO close to what you’re shooting or they will look like ants in your images. This means you’re within touching distance…and can push surfers to do manoeuvres on parts of waves where they shouldn’t be – just so they’re in front of you. Also in a random line up like a beachie you’ll find yourself swimming hard chasing everyone around (or dodging beginners loose boards).

Yesterday a little box rolled up to the gallery with the new Canon Fisheye 8-15mm begging for a test run. I’d heard a bit about this lens. It’s a zoom and ultra wide, so you can shoot it at 8mm all the way up to 15mm (not corrected). That’s great as some of my cameras aren’t full sensor and at 8mm they look like a fisheye WITH full sensor (very very wide). Ok, so I’ve probably lost most of you guys with camera geek talk…but here 7 photos taken with the new lens. I rate the lens and it’s got a permanent place in my camera bag from now on.

Today’s got waves, sun and barely and wind. New south swell is here and I like it. (2-3 foot)

A group of us are surfing and raising money for SurfAid and I would like you to contribute to our Tag Team here. C’mon. If you could see how poor the people are in Mentawai you’d wanna help them and $50 goes a long way.

If you want to go to the Mentawais this weekend there is a big swell coming and Tengirri has 3 spots come up right at the last minute. Make an offer and steal a mega deal on 12 days in the Mentawais. Boat leaves Saturday from Padang. Email anthony@tengirri.com

Seeyouse :: uge

PS – I know nothing of any new Canon camera bodies that are coming out. (a lot of people ask me this)

Rude head.

Gideon Silverman, early left before work

The Foamer...

Roundie. Bondi 7:10am

Local young talent, Pama Davies

Mal rider, south Bondi fizzers

5 thoughts on “Fisheye

  1. So sick man! I’ve been checking your site every day for about the past year and your canon eos masters video was one of the videos which urged on my inspiration with photography. I’m in my last year at school and am currently saving up for a wide angle lens, any recommendations ? I plan to take it on my schoolies trip over to cambodia, thailand and sri lanka. I’ll be buiding houses in cambodia for those in need and anticipate some cool candid shots over there. Anyways love your work man! Hopefully I’ll catch ya on the beaches one morning!

    -Mike D

  2. .. and forgot to ask; whats that orange circle (looks like a fruit loops) with green edges on the last pick? lens refraction or floating tube?

    strange too that its sitting on the wake of the mal, so it looks like its sliding down the wave… or am I having shroom flashbacks from1986?

    can you blow up that section?

    great work as usual!

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