Stormy on one side, clear on the other. Oahu is one helluva pretty island

Aloha Storm

Welcome back to Hawaii, the land of Aloha. The best thing about being on an island during a 50-year storm is that you can always escape to another side for protection from the gale force winds and 30-foot surf. Volcanes work well as a shield! At 5 pm today the swell buoys registered 38.4 feet (@17 […]

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Aloha. Sounds like Sydney has been pummeled by a large swell in my absence. Not very common for this time of year. Even sounded like it was nearly bigger than here in Hawaii. Pipe has been on most days and the Volcom Pipe Pro has been and gone…John John won it convincingly, combining tubes and […]

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Go Slow

Aloha kako! Today’s Aquabumps update has been inspired by the SLOOOOW pace of the North Shore of Hawaii (where I currently reside). Everybody’s got plenty of time here…especially when the swell is pumping. It’s very relaxed and in the spirit of Aloha. At 4pm every day the distinct aroma of weed wafts down the golden […]

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