Waimea shorebreak, the mutant

Go Slow

Aloha kako!

Today’s Aquabumps update has been inspired by the SLOOOOW pace of the North Shore of Hawaii (where I currently reside).

Everybody’s got plenty of time here…especially when the swell is pumping. It’s very relaxed and in the spirit of Aloha. At 4pm every day the distinct aroma of weed wafts down the golden mile. (Mum, a friend had to point out what it smells like). Some crew came here in the 60’s for LSD parties (and never left). Far out man. Solid. Near Foodland I see some crew cracking open the first tinnie around 11am. I generally don’t see the same dudes in the line-up at Pipeline – but boy, have they got some surf stories for you as you line up for your morning Starbucks “I surfed Waimea 60 foot once – 20 years ago…I got barrelled for 2 minutes @ Pipe once…blah blah”. Needless to say, it’s a funny place and barely changed in 30 years.

Don’t be alarmed by the blurry images presented to you today – just trying to show movement. The slow shutter is intentional and my camera is not broken, but thanks for the concern.

Oh and the surf hasn’t been perfect here lately, bit wonky. Always big.

As you were people : : u g e

P.S. I have 2 spare desks in the Aquabumps Head Quarters Office ($150 per week each), interested?, and don’t forget we’re looking for people to work in our gallery (full time), see job details.

Exit drain, escaping the Waimea shorey

Vanilla sundae

Twin Peaks, North Shore, Hawaii

Something Curvy

Cyclops, Waimea Bay slow shutter

Grab the 9'6" and get out the back

My son Jet's first unassisted photograph. Age 1 and a bit. I'm retiring soon.

Pipeline carpark, plenty of time to talk Brah...take it easy...

9 thoughts on “Go Slow

  1. Don’t apologise for the slow shutter, they make the waves look amazing, very metallic, almost like a painting rather than a photo.
    Love Cyclops, but would like to see something like that with more of the blue and green colours (hint hint)

  2. Hectic as usual Uge… But even if it’s messy , surely there must be some bombs worth capturing at Waimea? Carn!!

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