Kelly Slater, mid rote, Pipeline


I never thought I’d say it but the swell has finally subsided here in Hawaii, well, now in the more manageable 4 foot range.

The Kona onshores have been threatening, puffing here and there, making good conditions for airs. I’ve never seen so many aerials.

The North Shore is based on the island of O’ahu, which translates to ‘The Gathering Place’. It sure lives up to that name at this time of year…every pro/spono/upcoming/veteran is here surfing at the moment. It’s just dripping with talent no matter what conditions Hawaii spits out.

The Volcom Pipe Pro waiting period has kicked off and the QS surfers will battle it out on one of the best waves in the world. Should be an interesting week.

Mahalo : : u g e

Water wrap, Off the Wall

Backdoor punt to the heavens

Pipeline, sunset - best time

Everywhere I look...I see fins

Kelly Slater lofting over Backdoor

Now if you were a single young dude, I can see good reason to come here

Rock Piles, day end

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