Bondi puddles


FINALLY, it’s stopped raining, and the sunshine has broken through. Nice to see everybody out and about, doing their morning rituals. Waves were breaking on two sandbanks, a left and a right, but only around waist high and very fat. You need a high volume surf vehicle today and plenty of patience. With the North […]

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Another amazing morning, Bondi beach


It was forecast to be small, but we were treated with a new solid SE groundswell. I saw waves well over head high on sets at sunrise. It’s still very straight, but hey, it’s breaking… It was a busy Bondi morning with everybody into their regular morning rituals. I’m always amazed at how many people […]

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Nuggety wobble

Prodigal Bank

I’m not saying it’s completely back, but there’s some sand now at South Bondi. Well at least water is breaking there, and the gaping hole has been (kinda) filled in. Waves are around head high this morning. Clean conditions. Sunshine was out and we’re looking at a comfortable 22 degrees. Rain coming tomorrow, so enjoy […]

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Nuggets for Breakfast, Bondi

modus operandi

Ok…back to my Bondi M.O after a few weeks of road trips, frothing groms and a reprieve from social media/shooting – feeling fresh and ready to take on 2019! It was a treat to capture Bondi today in 22-degree water – that’s about as warm as it will get. Feb is typically the warmest water of […]

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Tight pack loving the morning radiation

Ray Bake

Today is the best day of this week. The weather is outstanding. I’m excited. It’s going to hit 26 degrees, and the sun is out to dry out Sydney. Yes! I didn’t see any waves over 1 foot this morning, so grab the mal, a brolly, a wettie (water is cold) and spend the arvo down the beach. […]

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Love Italy,here is good too!


The sun is rising earlier now and so are my daily emails. Bondi put on some morning colour and plenty of crew enjoying a (frosty) pre-work swim. The water is so cold for Sydney. WOW. I’d say the lowest it gets here. It’s always nice coming home to such a beautiful city. I love visiting other countries, but […]

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Great morning for us, not so great for our farmers

Corrupt Card

Every day I shoot with two or more cameras. I’m not a fan of changing lenses on the run, so I bring whole camera bodies dedicated to a particular focal length (at risk of looking like one of those sports photographers on the sidelines of the footie with four bodies dangling from the neck). Today one […]

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