The view from Sydney Harbour Bridge

Coathanger Hangs

Once upon a time, I used to work in the city. I was a designer in a digital agency that chained me to a desk, 12 hours a day. The office was right next to the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, but back then, never took a photo of it. Skip forward a couple […]

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Last night, a colour fan over the city


It’s not a pretty picture down the beach. The wind is up, the kitesurfers are out, the rain is about to start…catch my drift? For the past eight weeks, I’ve gone on a photography spree around Sydney. Spending all this time around home has been an excellent opportunity to get to know this great city […]

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Utzon's famous sails of Sydney Opera House

Sydney Love

Been for a surf? Looks pretty good out there. In fact, the whole week looks great. Wax up. It’s school holidays so I’m hanging with my groms, not shooting daily and these updates will be a tad patchy. When most people think of Sydney, they have visions of a bowl of fruit and a coathanger […]

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Jørn's sunset, Sydney Opera House


Usually, I’m so distracted with constant international travel, that I overlook our beautiful city. I can’t see us travelling abroad anytime soon, so I plan to re-explore areas of New South Wales – just like a tourist with my camera dangling around my neck. It’s so easy to get stuck in your local bubble – […]

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