Harry Bryant, jungle punt. Mentawais

Pro Cameo

We had a quiet little surf on a fun left in the southern end of the Mentawais. We took turns on sets – all scoring. There was no wind, it was hot, and the waves were head high with sets in the head’n’half range. It was just us… An hour into our session, the Sibon […]

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Retired and stoked, Taj Burrow at home and undercover

Cape to Cape

Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin is 132 kilometres of coastline in Western Australia’s South-West that’s littered with surf breaks. Some are well known; others are hidden down long winding, unmarked 4wd tracks. If you know where to go at the right time – scoring waves without crowds isn’t too hard. Recently retired pro surfer Taj Burrow […]

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Taj Burrow - Ex Tour surfer

Surfaid Cup

Today the Usana Surfaid Cup is on at Bondi. Collectively we raised $100k for this great cause – how good is that! Our amazing Aquabumps readers, you, raised nearly $15,000 of that (the highest total of all 14 teams). Pat on the back, thank you so much. Greatly appreciate your generous support. The surf isn’t […]

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Bondi's finest small wave shredder, The Great Kowalski


Justin Beiber was in Bondi yesterday. Shirtless. Inked. Parading. The word is that he’s here to shop at Louis Vuitton’s pop-up store on Roscoe, others say he’s here for a Hillsong mega conference. I thought he was looking for some Aquabumps prints from the gallery…but we all know why he’s here…our new Ferris wheel. It’s […]

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Crossing under the pier


The Californian piers are a huge part of beach culture here. The beaches run on forever, however, these piers are significant gathering points for surfers, fisherman, tourists and in Santa Monica’s case – great spot for an amusement park. The piers are great for shooting, it’s like having a cheap, low flying helicopter giving me […]

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Local school teacher, Scott Walker putting on a clinic at Bondi this morning


I hope you’re all in a much better mood today seeing we’ve had swell for 3 days. Have you surfed? Today’s smaller, but still very fun. Multiple Bondi banks providing small morning runners. A board with plenty of foam would be the right choice. Facts about today: Sunny and 25 degrees The wind will blow […]

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It was an all-star cast down at Bondi this morning enjoying 2-3 footers. Everywhere I looked someone was doing a major hack, air, tailwaft…etc…etc. Taj Burrow must of heard about our good waves and stopped by on his way home (W.A. could have some big waves this weekend). Love Monday’s as the crowds are super […]

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The much talked about swell is here and slowly declining. It’s been a fun couple of days in Sydney with waves (finally) above your head. Crazy sunny skies today to boot! I hope you scored your wave quota amongst the massive crowds. In excitement of this swell I’ve been driving around everywhere and not really […]

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By 6:30am I had already been to Cronulla and back stalking waves. It’s a tricky day…too big for Bondi and closing out…Bronte looked fun but a bit full (too much south in it)… totally missing Maroubra…too south and small for the Cape….but hang on…a couple of lil’ nuggets at the local K-Bay with the incoming […]

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T – B E E E

Let’s talk honestly… Bondi is great for so many reasons…beach culture, nightlife, vicinity to a major city, great galleries, youth, arts, energy…but it’s not well known for its waves. In fact, when I travel and tell people I live and surf in Bondi they have that disturbed look on their face and say…”you poor thing”. […]

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The wind has set in and it’s knocking the tops off the 2 footers at Bondi. Really ugly surf conditions down there this morning…definitely give it a miss. I gather most of you slept in as not many people were around. The swell will grow later tonight and stand tall at 6 foot tomorrow, protected […]

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For the fourth day in a row the Quiksilver Pro is on at Snapper Rocks. A small but rippable east swell has been feeding the best surfers in the world. Today they ran round 4 of the men’s and the girls are in the water right now. You can watch it live. So far Adriano […]

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The Now

A few of my mates think it’s a bit odd that I get up at sunrise every day. Those same mates think the best time of the day is 3am at the White Revolver (yeah you creepy Birdman). 6:30am this morning was a good time of day to be down the beach. The best. It […]

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