Harry Bryant, jungle punt. Mentawais

Harry Bryant, jungle punt. Mentawais

Pro Cameo

We had a quiet little surf on a fun left in the southern end of the Mentawais. We took turns on sets – all scoring. There was no wind, it was hot, and the waves were head high with sets in the head’n’half range. It was just us…

An hour into our session, the Sibon fleet powers around the corner of the island packed with frothing (and seasick) pros and the Roxy surf team. Within minutes the lineup was filled with stickered boardsĀ and photogs. They’d been driving around for 20 hours straight (What was the surf guide thinking?), so the sight of a clean, (relatively) empty lineup was an oasis in the desert.

Dane, Harry, Taj, Wade…were all blowing up. With the girls getting the most waves.

We retired to the dinghy, kicked back and enjoyed the show. Not often you get to see so much talent in decent waves…

Sampai jumpa lagi.

:: uge

Wade Goodall, critical

Frontside punt

Lara Demelian on the inside track.


The girls were on fire


Dane Reynolds, foam bounce

Taj Burrow - enjoying retirement (very much)

Dane Reynolds, backside stabs

Frontside carves

Murray Jacob


Harry Bryant

Session end.


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