Italo drops in to say G'day (Former world champ)

1hr with Italo

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Welcome to the Aquabumps offshore edition, where we broadcast from the wave-rich Mecca of Mentawai – a very remote part of the world that I visit annually. Yesterday was a classic; whilst farming a nuggety left, filling our wave quotas, a blue catamaran sped into the line-up. […]

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Slotted, Indonesia

Shower time

It’s raining in Bondi, and we’d better get used to it – with another wet warm season heading our way. Not the most inspiring day in Bondi, with tiny surf, no light and intermittent showers. Rain will flow into tomorrow before clearing for most of the weekend. I’m still sifting through my shots from the […]

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Paradise found, Mentawais a couple of days ago


The beach wasn’t looking that inviting this morning: rain, dark clouds and heavy jetlag. At a glance, I saw the odd 3-footer with north winds – the groms having a blast on several banks. I’ve opted to show you some more salubrious imagery from my recent excursion to the Indo islands. The good news: The […]

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Tim Scott, digging in to find he pocket, Mentawais


This is our final episode from the Indonesian island paradise (sigh of relief from some of you). We’re heading home, sore, battered from reefs, sunkissed, and memories of tubular perfection. This trip was quite different to my 16 other voyages – lousy weather, funky winds, random spikes of swell from 3ft to 10ft in 24 hours. […]

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Mentawai line up - Indonesia

The Mentawai Regency

The Mentawais are a chain of 70 islands off Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s about a 150 km area that hosts dozens of surf breaks, mostly only accessible by boat. It’s remote out here; there’s not a lot of infrastructure and a whole heap of jungle. When I first visited, logging used to be a big industry […]

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Islands of all sizes (and surrounded by surf)

Island time

I booked and paid for this trip three years ago. After many pandemic delays, it was an incredible feeling getting on a plane again, with four boards and cameras to drift amongst the islands of Indonesia – such a treat! This trip is my annual pilgrimage to the wave mecca – a place where we […]

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The Telo Islands, Indonesia

Cabin Fever

How are you all doing out there? Strange times, and it seems to be only getting stranger. We now live in a world of homeschooling, quarantine cops, face masks, cabin-fever and closed beaches. It’s flat out weird (I know), but we will get through it, together. You’re probably not surfing, but it’s something we can […]

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Asia Bryne and that amazing back drop. West Coast Oahu - always a treat to shoot


“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” ― St Augustine The Travel Edition! Today we’re going around the world to some of my favourite places that I’ve visited this year so far. Why? Oh man, ‘ cause its THAT ugly down the beach with a 30 knot southerly, […]

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Yardies, Ningaloo


Hey, you made it! All the way down the bottom of this email to the actual editorial. Good on you! It’s bucketing down in Sydney today. It hasn’t stopped. Let’s hope it’s raining in all the right places to fill up our dams. They need it. I wasn’t feeling inspired down the beach this morning, […]

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Machined for your riding pleasure

Indo Swim

You can swim for hours up here. The water is ultra-warm and crystal clear. Typically there are no rips, even in big surf. Usually, there’s a safe channel for paddling out alongside most breaks – that makes shooting a sinch. The Indo surf season is now kicking off and a large south swell is due next […]

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Harry Bryant, jungle punt. Mentawais

Pro Cameo

We had a quiet little surf on a fun left in the southern end of the Mentawais. We took turns on sets – all scoring. There was no wind, it was hot, and the waves were head high with sets in the head’n’half range. It was just us… An hour into our session, the Sibon […]

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The island wrap, Southern Mentawais

Le Gauche

Indonesia is the land of the left-handers. Indo’s orientation to the great swells from the Indian Ocean means they break left more than right. A goofy footer’s paradise. I reckon we surf 4 lefts to every right. I’m a natural footer! Our bump in swell is dropping and the swell magnets are still putting on a show. […]

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Shorty, slotted. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


Hey, how are you? 2 weeks ago, we saw a swell on the charts that would coincide with the middle of our boat trip. And yep, it arrived right on time and produced the goods. Mentawais has ignited. Waves are pulsing, and the boats are spreading out to their favourite reefs. We’ve surfed all day […]

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