“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”

― St Augustine

The Travel Edition!

Today we’re going around the world to some of my favourite places that I’ve visited this year so far. Why? Oh man, ‘ cause its THAT ugly down the beach with a 30 knot southerly, lashing rain and 2-foot mush.

Today is the perfect day to google idyllic islands, map out unsurfed point breaks and swipe your way through Instagram like a demon. Grab a cuppa, and scroll down…

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Waikiki line up - very mellow


The king of Waikiki surf - Toots Arthur


Oahu, Hawaii February 2019

I used to travel every winter to shoot Pipeline in Hawaii (not so much any more). It’s one of the most inspiring places to take photos because of the incredible waves and easy access to the world’s best surfers. This year, the entire North Shore was under siege from a massive storm, a wave broke in front of our house and ripped part of the deck off at Waimea. We had to shoot West Coast and Waikiki – which was partly out of the gale-force winds.

Swell lines scurrying into Ningaloo Reef


Cape Range National Park, amazing landscape


WA, Exmouth + Ningaloo Reef May 2019

Our first trip to this part of Australia – where the desert meets an amazing, pristine reef. We’ll be going back for sure!

Esperance's beaches are some of the best in the country - and they're very uncrowded


Esperence water colour is off the hook.


Esperence, WA May 2019

It’s far away from Sydney but well worth the schlep. The water clarity and colours are like no other in Australia. Also they have an amazing skate park!

Tsakanos Beach, Milos, Greece - oh those rocks


Shelter in a cave, MIlos Greece


Milos Greece - moonscapes


Milos, Greece August 2019

Such unique landscapes after millions of years of volcanic activity. Super mellow island, windy as hell but you can always find a cave or secluded beach to seek refuge. By far our favourite Greek islands we’ve visited.

Mentawai magic, brings me back every year


Thunders, Mentawais


The Mentawai Islands May 2019

18 trips to Mentawais in as many years.

That says it all!

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